doom within doom

Get run Doom in unconventional environments, that is, outside the types of devices for which it was designed, it is something that will never go out of style. We have seen it in calculators, in smart watches, in the BIOS of a motherboard, within Minecraft… and twice, etc. We can almost take for granted that any screen with some electronics behind it is likely to be a platform on which Doom could work. Whether it’s better or worse counts for less, though we’ve seen some truly admirable implementations over the years.

And today we have learned of a new step in this direction, a step that is also so, so logical, that I cannot help but wonder if it should not have been the first case. And it is that the youtuber kgsws has published a video in which we can see the original Doom running inside a Doom II game, specifically the MS-DOS version of the second installment of the saga. But that’s not all, it also explains step by step how it can be done.

It is essential, yes, to use the MS-DOS version of Doom II, since To achieve this, it has used an exploit that is exclusive to that version. and that takes advantage of the animated textures feature to display the image of the original Doom within a virtual screen on the game map. So, if you think it’s a good time to pick up Doom II and, in the middle of a game, you want to relax watching a game of the precursor, this option is probably what you were looking for.

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