Dynatrace AutomationEngine, intelligent cloud automation

Dynatrace has developed the platform AutomationEnginefocused on the impulse of the intelligent cloud automation. It offers an intuitive interface and a suite of low-code and no-code Artificial Intelligence tools that allow IT teams to extend the level of automation through unlimited streams of BizDevSecOps.

Thanks to the functions of the platform, its users can perform more advanced operations, such as automated repair and progressive data delivery. In this way you can continuously evaluate the software, as well as measure and optimize service level objectives.

The vulnerabilities you find Dynatrace Application Security are automatically routed for delivery to the appropriate personnel. On the other hand, the platform manages to reduce false positives, which results in faster action. In addition, it is capable of anticipating future needs in cloud infrastructure, as well as IT resources and provisioning automation to help achieve the best user experience for the customer.

Leveraging the technology that gives the platform its name, AutomationEngine, the platform offers response automation, enabling it to work in the cloud with more efficiency and a higher level of innovation, speed, and security.

According to Bernd Greifeneder, Founder and Technical Director of Dynatrace«the The complexity, scalability and dynamism of modern clouds, with increasing frequency of deployment, requires extensive and intelligent automation to ensure a impeccable delivery and a great customer experience. Combining accurate, causal AI responses from observability, security, and business data from production environments with automation provides a feedback loop that makes automation smarter and more business value oriented«.

For Greifeneder, “to Today, teams can extend that response automation to virtually unlimited use cases, such as station management, reacting to changes in user experiences, disabling features for security or quality reasons. , or improving software to reflect myriad external factors, from weather forecasts to energy consumption to delays in supply chains, and more. Dynatrace AutomationEngine makes this a reality and drives the industry to leaps and bounds towards a world where the cloud works automatically and the software works seamlessly«.

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