Economipedia launches the financial education campus

Knowing how finances work and understanding them allows citizens to improve their quality of life and increase financial efficiency and, therefore, their economic prosperity. Economipedia makes it easy to access the most relevant information in the financial world, now, through its campus courses

Economipedia began its trajectory more than a decade ago. In its beginnings, it was a website where its founders explained economic and financial concepts in a simple and entertaining way, so that they could be acquired by everyone. After these years of work and growth, the financial campus of Economipedia is launched, with quality courses taught by professors specialized in different areas of this sector. In addition, they have a great video editing and training team so that the content is presented to students in an entertaining, dynamic, didactic and attractive way.

Structure and operation of the training campus

Although this company has undergone great evolution and development, it maintains its particular DNA intact, which is none other than that of the simple and rigorous education. At this time, they have become a streaming education platform, an audiovisual, digital and personalized education site of national reference. A process of innovation that has been accompanied by a renewal of its image, changing its logo.


However, the objective remains the same as the origins. Bring financial knowledge to as many people as possible. The reason is that knowledge provides security, opens the mind, activates the imagination and increases creativity. In this sense, education makes people wiser when making their decisions, and they do so with more temperance and security. If it is also applied to the field of finance, it helps to grow and manage the economy better, both personally and professionally.

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Structure of the courses

In relation to the structure maintained by the courses offered by Economipedia, each of them consists of 10 episodes of about 10 minutes each, and has a practical objective. In addition to transmitting the information, it is intended to be clear and entertaining.

other tools

To complement the training of the courses, they are uploaded weekly to the platform masterclass to deal with specific topics that help students continue learning about investing and finance. They also offer live classes in which it is used to explain specific topics and that students can solve the doubts that arise in their learning process.

On the way to knowledge, students have other tools, such as a private forum to ask all the questions you need, plus a help support to resolve personal savings and investment questions by the professionals that make up the campus.

the bag course

This bag course is a good example of the type of training offered in the Economipedia campus. In it, the student acquires all the basics to invest in the stock market so that he can know where to start investing with successful options. Following the philosophy of this educational platform, it is a eminently practical and very entertaining course.

Who teaches it

Although it is basic training, you learn essential concepts and notions to invest successfully. The teacher of the course is CEO of Economipedia, Andrés Sevilla Arias, financial expert CFA. Before starting to teach, he has gained the necessary experience in the financial world by working as an investment advisor for more than 10 years at BBVA in Switzerland.

content structure

Like the rest of the courses, it is designed in 10 episodes of 10 minutes, so that you can acquire the basic knowledge to start in the world of investments with great ease. The course is taught in Spanish, students have unlimited access to it and have a great variety of resources to facilitate their learningsuch as the aforementioned practical exercises, masterclasses and live videos…

Student profile

This is extremely useful training for those people who are interested in investments and want to get started in them, on a personal level, as well as for students studying economics or finance who want to dedicate themselves to investments. At the end of the course, students will have acquired the necessary knowledge to know how the stock market works and be able to carry out their first operations as an investor.

For more information about this and other interesting courses, just click enter the Economipedia websitethe new and revolutionary educational platform for the world of finance.

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