Edgar Allan Poe, George RR Martin… Literary Funkos to collect

Funko specializes, above all, in figures related to icons of popular culture. However, over time, it has opened up to encompass everything from sports, to history, with a number of major figures in it.

Among those characters, which are usually found in the collection Funko Pop Icons Figureswe met with various funkos of legendary writers what are we gonna see.

Similarly, it is obvious that many of the Funko figures, such as those of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones They are originally based on books, although the figures represent the characters as imagined by movies and series. For this classification, we are going to leave them aside, since their series are extensive in themselvesdeserve their own article and it makes no sense to choose a single figure.

However, we are going to show you some famous book characters that you might not expect. Because you know them from the movies, but, in reality, they are literary characters in its origin.

So, take note, that if you are a book lover, you are going to have to do with these funkos.

Literary funkos of famous writers

Stephen King Funkos

There are several writers who have been immortalized in a funko and, in fact, a couple of them have quite a few versions different from his doll.

Dr. Seuss Funko

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer known for his children’s bookswhich he signed under the name of Doctor Seuss.

With more than 60 books to his credit, he is one of the most prolific and famous authors, especially in the English-speaking world, but not only.

And to celebrate how happy he made so many kids and the impact he had, he’s got his own funko.

Edgar Allan Poe Funko

The gothic horror mastercreator of masterpieces like the poem The Raven, does not have a single funko, but several. In various poses, you can find the teacher with a book, a skull or, of course, a raven.

Essential to put in front of your collection of horror books.

Jane Austen Funko

What can be said about the author a thousand times imitated that does not go out of style? His period novels, with that peculiar and stuffy English romanticism, continue to fascinate as much today as ever.

Because, there is a funko in his image, a little difficult to getbut that you can find second-hand if you count yourself among its thousands of fans.

Jane Austen Funko

George R.R. Martin Funko

Inevitably they did a writer funko Game of Thrones for you to place next to the unfinished saga.

You can also use it to do voodoo and prod him to see if he starts typing a little faster, instead of talking football all the time.

Stephen King’s funkos

The king of contemporary horror not stop His countless novels have left an indelible mark on several generations and it is living history of literature, whether you like it more or less.

Stephen King does not have a funko, but many, we highlight two.

Here you have it posing normal.

And here you have it in a curious black and white version

Special mention to bloody stephen king, which illustrates the article in its header. It is a rare and sought after piece in the funko universe.

Funkos of famous literary characters

funko cthulhu

As we have said, it may surprise you, but these movie character funkos are actually literary characters funkos that, in their day, were so important thanks to their novels that, for that reason, they were made into movies.

For obvious reasons, we repeat that we are not going to put characters from Harry Potter, The Lord of the ringsetc.

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Funko

Lewis Carroll created a timeless classic quoted a thousand times by many people who have not read it.

Their Alice in Wonderland Y Alice through the mirror They are a legend of literature. As a representative of its mythical characters, the coolest funko (or so I think) is this Chesire cat one.

funko cthulhu

Few literary characters have instilled as much fear and admiration as The Ancient Cthulhu.

Product of the tormented mind of HP Lovecraft, it is another one of those figures that should serve to decorate the horror section of your library.

Hannibal Lecter Funko

The movie The silence of the lambs It was a hit in its day and Anthony Hopkins will forever be Hannibal Lecter. But before the movie, The silence of the lambs it was an award-winning novel with more literary meaning what you think

The legendary writer Davod Foster Wallace, in fact, included it in his teachings in the subject he taught at the University of Pomona.

Now you have a piece of information to impress that cultured person that you like and don’t talk to you because of your T-shirt. spider-man

Funko of the girl from The Exorcist

William Peter Blatty wrote the novel The Exorcist that, when it came out in Spain in 1975, it was one of the best-selling books. The novel had such an impact that William Friedkin made a legendary film that would later go down in the mud with the sequels.

So yes, the girl Regan was a literary character originally and here is your funko.

Carol Funko from Where the Wild Things Are

Where the wild things aretranslated to Where the monsters liveis a fabulous children’s story by Maurice Sendak. Not well known in Spain, it is a classic of Anglo-Saxon literature for children.

This funko of Carol, one of the main monsters, is a perfect representative of this little literary gem that has also been on the big screen at times.

Difficult to find, but worth it.

As you can see, there is no corner where funko doesn’t go to portray its main characters. If you are a book lover (even if you are not a collector of figures) these funko literary dolls They are essential to give that fun touch to your bookshelves full of titles.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output might receive a small commission if you buy something from here. However, no one has influenced this list, mainly because almost all of them are dead or fictional characters in literature.

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