Intel postpones the release of Arc Alchemists to summer 2022, graphics cards already obsolete?

Players are not ready to see the desktop versions of Arc Alchemist arrive. According to information from VideoCardz, the graphics cards should not be marketed before the end of the second half of 2022, following yet another postponement from the manufacturer. However, on this date, the highly anticipated RTX 4000 from Nvidia should already have been available for several months.

Intel Arc Alchemist
Credits: Intel

August 2021: Intel takes everyone by surprise by announcing the arrival of its own graphics cards. At the time, the release of the so-called Arc Alchemist is scheduled for early 2022. It is clear today that the project is delayed. Despite numerous leaks, revealing in turn its design and its technical data sheet, the graphics card does not seem ready to be marketed. Last February, the manufacturer announced that their launch was postponed to the second half of 2022, without further details.

The situation seems even more problematic than expected. Indeed, according to information obtained by VideoCardz, a new postponement could lead Intel to present its A770, A750, A580 and A380 to the end of the second trimester, or even at the beginning of the third trimester. In other words, it will probably be necessary to wait until this summer before having an official preview of the GPUs. A strategy that could deal a fatal blow to them. Indeed, this period has already been chosen by Nvidia for the launch of its RTX 4000.

Intel risks a huge flop by further postponing the release of Arc Alchemists

Needless to say, the next generation of RTX will be a real tidal wave in the gaming world. Twice as powerful as the RTX 3000, 24 GB of GDDR6 RAM, 5 nm engraving, their technical sheet is enough to make the competition green. With its targeting much more oriented towards the entry level, the Arc Alchemists therefore risk a very unfavorable comparison if their output faces that of the RTX 4000s.

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For now, only laptop versions are available, only in South Korea. Their worldwide release is scheduled for May, maybe next June, but again the vagueness remains. Intel does not really seem inclined to communicate on its graphics cards, which according to several rumors would encounter a problem at the software level.

Source : VideoCardz

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