Edge will have a new PDF feature and you will like it

Microsoft does not cease in its efforts to provide Edge, its web browser, with all the necessary functionalities to compete face-to-face with Chrome, the most used worldwide. And it is that those of Redmond do not want us to have a great tool with which to connect to the Internet and browse our favorite websites, but we can also cover other types of needs. One of these functions is the possibility of opening PDF files from the browser, which continues to be improved with new functions, as well as the development of one of the functions that the Google browser recently incorporated, such as tab grouping.

If we use Microsoft Edge as our web browser on a regular basis, we will surely have verified that we can use it to view PDF files so that it is not necessary to have another application for it. And it is that Edge allows us to open all types of PDF files and has different advanced functions such as a reading mode or a dictionary that allows us to search for definitions in the browser.

New features for the PDF viewer

Microsoft is currently working on improving your browser’s built-in PDF reader. It is currently introducing to be able add freeform text boxes within the document. This is something that can help us to complete forms and add notes in a more visible way. Likewise, Edge is receiving support for free-form highlighters, a function that is expected to be present in Edge 95, which will allow its users highlight sections in PDF files as well as scanned documents.

The news that Microsoft is preparing for the Edge PDF viewer does not end here, but it is also developing another feature that will allow users navigate through our PDF document using the thumbnails that appear in the panel on the left of the screen. It would be an experience very similar to what we could find in reading PDF documents in Chrome. This is something that will surely be of great use to a large number of users.

Other improvements for Microsoft’s browser

Along with the new functions for the PDF viewer, Microsoft is also in the process of developing other new features for version 93 of Edge that is expected to be available in August in its beta version, such as the tab grouping. This feature that Chrome has recently incorporated and that allows you to organize tabs with names and colors. In this way, it makes it easier for any user to create a group of tabs to perform various tasks, being compatible with the design of vertical tabs in the browser.

Edge group tabs

For Windows 11 users, Microsoft is in the process of developing a new design for Edge according to the modern interface of its recently introduced operating system. It will incorporate design elements from Fluent Design System, as well as compatibility with Mica, a new tool that incorporates the theme and desktop background for Windows 11. These elements are expected to be available in the final version by the end of the year.

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