Bluetooth, mechanical, 65%, with RGB LEDs and on sale: Ozone Mini Tactical

What can we say about Ozone that we have not said more than a dozen times, it is difficult to innovate in this regard, but the company does not seem to have a hard time doing it. As a result, they have one of the best-selling gaming keyboards of the moment within the mini sector or 65%, since as we will see below in quality / performance / price it is groundbreaking.

Ozone Mini Tactical, mobility, lightness and quality

When you have tried a keyboard at 65% Normally there is no going back, you have to be a user who needs specific keys in sight or who uses the numpad a lot to avoid the advantages that this type of peripherals have. And its so compact size, almost borderless, all taken to the extreme leaves so much space on the desk and so much mobility when playing, that it is a joy to have one in our hands.

If we talk about the Ozone Mini Tactical, then we can be sure that we have the best in the aforementioned ratio: quality / performance / price.


And it does so with good reasons, since we are talking about a keyboard compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, Linux and Android, so we can use it on practically any device on the market.

It is a very light, elegant keyboard that boasts quality. Proof of this is the inclusion by the brand of nothing less than switches Outemu RED, which guarantees a perfect, reliable and above all fast pulsation. They are switches that will last us a whopping 50 million keystrokes each of them, so we have years and years ahead of us even though we are gamers.

Full RGB, Antigosthing and Wireless


As a good gaming keyboard it has technology antighosting, where in this case it is not complete and is available in up to 6 keys, more than enough for any player. Gaming is associated with RGB and this Ozone Mini Tactical keyboard was not going to be less, since it integrates a system controlled by software to be able to change the color of the keys thanks to its full RGB technology.


If this does not seem enough, the icing on the cake comes with its connectivity, since we can connect it or by Bluetooth 5.0 or with your connection through USB 2.0 Type A. Finally its price, since we are talking about 59.90 euros yesterday, while today it is offered with a 17% discount to 49.99 euros. A bargain for such a keyboard.

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