Elden Ring: From Software urgently fixes a flaw that could ruin your game

The Elden Ring game received its 1.03.2 patch yesterday. It does not bring big changes, but fixes an important flaw on PC. It was being exploited by malicious players and could downright ruin your game.

Elden Ring on PC had to face a big problem since last week. Some malicious people used a flaw to ruin their victim’s game. She has just been fixed by patch 1.03.2. It was advised to simply disable multiplayer in the options to escape it.

It is now possible to reactivate it without fear of losing hours and hours of progress. We can only salute the responsiveness of the From Software studio on this one. It is true that this flaw has been talked about a lot in recent days. It could be used by anyone and hit at any time.

Elden Ring was the victim of a huge flaw

Elden Ring lets the player evolve alone in a vast open world, but nevertheless offers a multiplayer dimension. It is possible to ask friends or strangers for help to beat a boss, but the flip side is that it is also possible to meet players who are there to have your skin (invasion of worlds).

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But more and more testimonials have emerged on the net in recent days on a rather worrying flaw in this multiplayer mode. After invading other people’s worlds, some malicious players used a technique that crashed the game. By restarting it, the poor victim saw his character fall into the void and die in a loop. Impossible to get out of this mess. Only solution: restart the game. A situation all the more infuriating that Elden Ring only has a single save for your hero. This flaw only affected PC players and has just been fixed. It is therefore now advisable to reactivate the multiplayer in order to take advantage of this important component of the title.

As a reminder, Elden Ring is the latest game from From Software (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro). For the first time, the studio offers an adventure in an open world where exploration is essential. A title acclaimed by both critics and players, since it sold over 12 million copies.

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