Elon Musk offers amnesty to those banned from Twitter

Elon Musk continues to comply with what was expected of him and after reestablishing Donald Trump’s account on Twitter, he now offers a general amnesty for all expelled users for violating the rules of the social network. About.

More or less, because the new owner of Twitter has set two conditions for the return to be effective and both are consistent with what he himself stated before and during his acquisition of Twitter: that the law has not been broken and that no spam has been done. Any expelled who has not been expelled for one of these two reasons, will be able to claim their account back starting next week.

Musk has made this decision, as he did with the return of Trump, by “popular vote”, that is, abiding by the results of a survey that he himself has published on Twitter. Unlike the case of the former president of the United States, yes, the number of participants has been substantially less, but the yes in favor of the decision has been much greater.

Of course, that the results of the polls that Elon Musk publishes on the platform that he controls, with questions for which his position is more than well known, are reliable, you have to believe it. But since it cannot be shown that there is cheating, in which the South African billionaire and richest man in the world hides.

Also, there is the question – as much as Musk spends the day saying that Twitter is better than ever – of the loss of users, whose current proposal could well help alleviate, given that many of those expelled are highly followed characters with many followers. And yes, there are those on the far right, but also on the far left… and surely a variety of crazy people.

Be that as it may, the amnesty is a firm promise from Chief Twit himself and although all kinds of characters may benefit from it, it falls within what Musk himself promulgated before taking control of the social network: that the limit of what It can be said that the law puts it and not the interpretation of the censor on duty.

This does not mean that there are no rules on Twitter that should not be respected, such as those against insults or harassment; but the expression of controversial issues of a political nature should not be grounds for expulsion due to the sensitivity of its reading, not to mention when it goes to the detriment of the citizenry, see the case of silencing a political leader like Donald Trump, expelled when he was still he was president.

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