Emotet finds a way to attack faster

Emotet updates to be faster

Historically, after infecting a device, Emotet steals the victim’s email and thus spreads. You can use it for future campaigns and be able to deliver malware like TrickBot and Qbot. But now the strategy has changed and a few weeks ago it has begun to test Cobalt Strike on infected devices.

When we talk about Cobalt Strike we refer to a pentesting tool, which is legitimate, used by many hackers to spread within an organization and reach strain ransomware in a network to later request a financial rescue.

Now Emotet is using this tool to gain speed when it comes to spreading and not using the usual payloads. According to security researchers, the attackers are downloading the Cobalt Strike modules directly from their command and control server and subsequently running it on the infected device.

This is what allows attackers to deploy over a network in a more agile way. This will speed up the delivery of malicious packages. In addition, we must take into account the dates in which we are, since many organizations are at the doors of the holidays, so they could have an extra opportunity to attack there as there are fewer personnel.

Tips to avoid being victims of these attacks

But, what can we do to avoid being victims of this type of attack and other similar ones? We must always keep in mind some essential recommendations that we must put into practice. The first one is the common sense. It is essential not to make mistakes that could affect us. For example, do not download files that may be dangerous or avoid installing from unofficial sources.

It will also be essential to have everything updated. It is a fact that hackers, when sending attacks like Emotet or any other, on many occasions are going to take advantage of existing vulnerabilities. These uncorrected security flaws are exploited to launch these threats. Thanks to the updates we can correct the problem.

On the other hand, count on security programs it always helps to be protected. A good antivirus, such as Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender, will be essential to detect malware and be able to eliminate it in case our computer is infected. It is something that we must apply regardless of the type of operating system we are using.

In short, Emotet is updated once again to find the fastest attack method that has the best guarantees of success. However, the security and protection measures that we must take are the same as always. You can test Emocheck to detect Emotet on the system.

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