For only 50 euros you can see if there are gas leaks in your house

If we have heating with a natural gas boiler, or we have domestic hot water through a gas boiler, there is always the danger of a gas leak in the installation, or in the connector that goes directly to the boiler. . When there is a natural gas leak, it is essential to open all the windows and doors and ventilate our house very well, to lower the gas concentration. Next, it is very important to detect the leak and plug it as soon as possible to avoid a possible explosion. Today in RedesZone we are going to introduce you to a device that is responsible for detecting natural gas leaks in our home, and that is only worth 50 euros.

Natural gas detector for only 50 euros

Having a natural gas detector near the boiler is very important so that notify us as soon as you detect a leakIn these cases, time is against us because it is absolutely necessary that we ventilate the area very well and also that we locate the leak as soon as possible. Although natural gas smells to detect leaks, the truth is that we may not be able to smell it since we are away from home, far from the kitchen where gas boilers are normally installed, or we are sleeping.

The shelly natural gas detector will allow us to detect any possible gas leak, connects to Wi-Fi wireless network to receive notifications to our smartphone using its Cloud, although we can also integrate it perfectly into our home automation with Home Assistant. This device incorporates a integrated alarm that will start beeping to alert us that there is a gas leak in our home, this alarm has a sound level of over 70dB, in addition, it also will illuminate a red LED indicating this to us.

The operation of this detector is very simple, it is powered by connecting it directly to a wall socket, with the official Shelly application we will be able to integrate it into the WiFi wireless network of our home, to later receive all the information of the gas detection in real time. It is compatible with Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz band, in this way, we make sure that you will always get the best possible coverage to notify us.

We can buy this device at an official Shelly distributor in Spain at a price of approximately 50 euros:

We also have it available on Amazon, in this case the price is around 65 euros approximately, as you can see here:

In addition to the gas detector, this device can be combined with a stopcock actuator, a Shelly device that allows us to close the gas stopcock to the boiler, and we can program all of this to be completely automatic, without us having to intervene. If we buy and install this stopcock actuator, it will not only notify us acoustically, visually and through the smartphone, but it will also close the stopcock automatically.

As you can see, we have a fairly complete solution to detect natural gas leaks and also to close the stopcock.

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