Error 0x89231806 in network settings – how to fix it

This bug usually affects some Windows-based players who have received the error message 0x89231806 when they were trying to connect to a group chat. This problem is common to see in Xbox users.

What can cause error 0x89231806?

On many occasions this error is related to the Teredo adapter and the Microsoft IPv6 server. Other possible causes would be that our ISP, firewall or home router were blocking the Teredo adapter. Usually when we see the message of error 0x89231806 on our screens we will see the following:

That error screen means that your network settings are blocking group chat due to error 0x89231806, every time we try to join an active chat group. In that sense, a list with the most common failures that can cause this error we have:

  1. The router is blocking Teredo after seeing that he is using an IPv6 connection.
  2. Strict NAT problem on our router.
  3. The Teredo network adapter is stuck.
  4. An external firewall is interfering with our connection.

We have seen that Teredo, when it can’t work properly, it may be the problem. In case you don’t know, it is a transitional technology that will provide IPv6 connectivity to hosts that support IPv6 but are connected to the Internet through an IPv4 network. Furthermore, a feature that distinguishes Teredo from other similar protocols is that it is capable of performing its function even behind NAT devices, such as a home router.

Now we are going to explain one by one the possible solutions that we can find to solve this failure, we will start with the firewall.

Firewall related failures

On some occasions the error 0x89231806 has been solved by disabling your third-party firewall. Several such firewalls have been shown to cause problems with the Xbox. One test that can be done to see if this is true is to temporarily disable that firewall. On the other hand, if this firewall was the cause of the problem and we wanted to maintain it because we like its protection and handling, we could try to include the blocked IPs in an exception list.

However, a solution that some researchers have commented is that the best solution is that the Windows firewall is working for the chat to work. If we want to check that it is active we will follow these steps:

  1. We are going to Start Menu.
  2. We wrote Services.smc and we press enter.
  3. There we look Windows Defender Firewall.

Then we will see a screen like this:

Here we have to see that the status is “running” and that the start type is “automatic”. Then also from Start Menu it would be good if we agreed to Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security and let’s review your settings.

On the left we click on Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security that you have indicated in the red box that is above. Then you have to press the right mouse button and tap on properties.

In this case, we have to review the domain profile, the private and the public. It should be configured like this:

  • Firewall Status: Active
  • Incoming connections: block.
  • Outgoing connections: allow.

Then if we have to make changes we will have to restart the computer and see if we have solved the error 0x89231806.

NAT problems with the router

Sometimes this failure is due to a problem that console players often face. This error that you have with your router’s NAT is usually referred to as strict NAT. Usually the failure they receive is of the NAT unavailable type because it cannot obtain an IP address from Teredo and they receive the error message 0x89231806.

Among the available solutions we can find:

  1. Activate UPnP so that our NAT table is updated.
  2. Check for a router firmware update.
  3. Use the DMZ port opening, which consists of opening all ports to an IP. It is not a very advisable option, because it has a negative impact on security if the target device is not well protected or configured. After using it, it should be removed.

Disable VPN and Hamachi type programs

We currently live in an age in which more is sought to protect privacy. It also seeks to skip geoblocks for political reasons to access certain websites or enjoy streaming multimedia content. That is why VPN connections are on the rise. In case you don’t know, Hamachi is network virtualization software that allows you to emulate a local network (LAN) to devices that are connected by WAN.

Some users of VPN or Hamachi connections have reported that they have experienced the error 0x89231806. In those cases, the best thing to do is to disable those connections and restart the computer.

Check that we have enabled the Teredo tunnel interface

One of the causes that can also cause this problem may be because the Teredo tunnel interface is disabled. Therefore, one way to find out if this is the bug that is causing us problems is to check if this interface works correctly. The first thing we are going to do is go to Windows Start Menu, we wrote run and we press enter. Next, you have to type devmgmt.msc and press “enter” or “accept” again to open the device manager.

Once inside device manager, we expand the drop-down menu of network adapters. Next, we go to the drop-down menu Watch and we choose Show hidden devices. After doing this, we should see the Teredo Tunneling interface appear.

Then we right-click on the Teredo Tunneling interface and choose to enable. In the event that it is activated, we deactivate it and re-enable it again.

Make the switch to an alternate IPv6 server

Also, this bug has been solved by changing Microsoft’s default IPv6 server to an alternative one. To do this we follow these steps:

  1. Start Menu.
  2. We write CMD.
  3. We click on the right mouse button and choose to run as administrator.

Here you can see all the steps:

Once inside that Command Prompt window, all we have to do is run this command:

netsh int ipv6 set teredo client

As you have seen, we have to follow a long series of steps to solve the error 0x89231806 in the network configuration, but we are sure that if you have followed it step by step you will no longer have any problems and everything will work correctly.

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