Everything that is known about the Wonder Woman 3 movie

Although the attempt to repeat the success with Wonder Woman 1984 did not turn out as well, Warner and DC have faith in Diana and the film of Wonder Woman 3 has received the green light.

In what current state is the filming of Wonder Woman 3?

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot

Still in the early stages and without even having started filming. According to Gal Gadot herself, in an interview to InStyle in January 2022the situation is this:

“The script is being developed and we’ll probably start in a year and a half or so».

So, for now, things are still very green. That makes the initial plans for the release of Wonder Woman 3 they will be delayed.

How much is Wonder Woman 3 released?

Wonder Woman 1984

Although, at first, the production company Warner Bros said that it was speeding up the production of Wonder Woman 3to shoot in 2022 and premiere in 2023, those plans do not seem to be fulfilled.

Following Gal Gadot’s statements, the film would start shooting in the summer of 2023 if there are no changes. Being so, we would see it premiered for summer 2024 at the earliest.

These types of films always have a strong post-production component that makes their theatrical releases last quite a long time since the shooting ends.

What is clear is that Wonder Woman 3 will be released only in theaterswithout further hybrid experiments with platforms of streamingas in the case of Wonder Woman 1984. Apparently, and as has happened with other films of the same style (such as the second film of the suicide squad), the experiment did not go well.

What is Wonder Woman 3 about?


As the script is in the process of development, nothing is known about the plot or the protagonists of Wonder Woman 3.

However, among the little that is known is that the film would be set in the present and, most likely, would be linked to the spinoff of the Amazons, which takes place after Diana Prince left the island of Themyscira.

However, a few weeks before it was released Wonder Woman 1984Patty Jenkins said that I had stopped working on that storywhich he had drawn up with Geoff Johns, one of the sequel’s co-writers.

So, for the moment, nothing is known and it is very possible that there will be important changes from the original idea, and more, seeing the little success of the second part.

As for other possible details, it is likely that the director will continue with the intention of bringing back the character of Barbara Minerva (cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984), since the thing was left in an open ending.

In the same way, it is very likely that the closing of the trilogy will also be the closing of the Gadot/Jenkins tandemgiven the interest of the actress in other projects outside of DC (such as Cleopatra) and the director’s agenda, also tight and priced.

Who directs Wonder Woman 3?

Principal Patty Jenkins

patty Jenkins once again takes the helm of the movie.

At first, fans of the Amazon feared that the third part was in the air or was delayed too much, since Jenkins publicized his project of a movie in style. starwars, Rogue Squadron.

Nevertheless, Disney has frozen that project and her fate hangs in the balance, leaving the director free to focus on developing Wonder Woman 3.

Who appears in Wonder Woman 3?

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine

Well, again, things are so up in the air that They don’t even know which characters will come outso it is impossible to know which actors will participate.

which, obviously, repeats role and supposes the only one confirmed, it would be Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / wonder-woman.

She has also stated in an interview that wants Chris Pine to come back and repeat as Steve Trevor, the great love of the Amazon. However, it is just a wish of the actress.

In addition to that, there would be the already mentioned rumor of the return of the actress Barbara Minerva as cheetahplayed by actress Kristen Wieg.

However, at the moment everything is talk and intentions. If the story is finally set in the present day, as it seems to be, it will be difficult to bring Chris Pine back. Anyway, you know, death and those unimportant things are not an inconvenience in the world of superheroes.

As you can see, very little is currently known about Wonder Woman 3, but it is to be hoped that soon we will receive more news about the script, the start of filming and the typical promos and filtered photos, to start putting on long teeth. Hopefully the third time lucky and the trilogy of wonder-woman close with a note.

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