Excellent Reasons to Have a Maine Coon Cat from a Shelter

You might be considering bringing home cats because you’ve read a lot of nice things about them. If so, it’s best if you could go into an animal shelter to adopt. This way, you’ll save a cat’s life, and it will also cost way less than buying from a pet shop.

Adoption can be a good idea, especially if you have a shelter nearby. A Maine Coon may be available and know that these cuddly giants are very friendly. They are ideal for owners with a family, and they can adapt well inside apartments and small spaces. Here are other reasons why you should consider adopting.

1. Save More than One Kitty

Know that you’re not only saving one life from getting euthanized, and you’re also saving the other cat strays that live in the streets. About 3 million felines are finding their way into shelters, adoption homes, and almost 800,000 are euthanized.

Some shelters don’t have enough resources to feed and shelter the animals every single day, and it could help if other families could adopt. You can check with rescue groups in areas near you to see what your options are, and they will also tell you the process for adoption.

2. Save Money

It will be wiser and usually makes more financial sense to adopt instead of buying from pet shops. With minimal fees and donations, you’ll be able to get a pet feline that’s already neutered or spayed. You don’t need to spend on these things.

Some shelters make sure that their cats are microchipped and have up-to-date vaccines, so you’ll be saving a lot on these things alone. Rescue centers and shelters can also include extras when you adopt, like pet insurance, bags of food, and a cat collar so you can give it a try. Get more info about how you can help with your rescue centers in this url.

3. You’ll Know more about the Personality of the Feline

The caretakers interact with their furry friends on an everyday basis. Other volunteers take note of the cat’s personalities and behaviors, and you’ll be able to know about these in no time. This is important if you’re planning to adopt an adult cat.

This way, you’ll have a temperament you like and a companion that can quickly adapt to your lifestyle. Some are active and playful, while others are couch potatoes. Even pets prefer a quieter environment and plenty of cuddling and can find one that suits your personality.

4. Good for Mental and Physical Health

According to a study done by the ResearchGate, owning pets like felines will positively affect your mind. You can better cope with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress. You can also have a breath of fresh air when your kitty needs some time outside. They may prefer walks or explorations in your backyard, and you can accompany them to stretch your legs for a bit. You’ll also be able to improve your general wellbeing and happiness as well.

5. Great for the Heart

Studies done by ResearchGate have shown that owning a kitty or any pet from a shelter will give you more capabilities to cope with many problems that may come your way. They can help with your heart health, and you’ll be less likely to experience a heart attack with them. You’ll decrease the risks of getting heartburns, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. This is an important factor considering that stroke is one of the primary causes of death in men and women.

6. Improve the Development of Asthma

When children are exposed to cats inside the home early, they will develop resistance against asthma and other possible allergens until they are adults. The infants are less sensitive to allergens and hairs that felines may produce. They will have a tougher immune system, and there’s a less likely chance of them developing hives. Get more info about cat allergies in this link:

7. Many Cats to Adopt

Excellent Reasons to Have a Maine Coon Cat from a Shelter

In a shelter, you’ll find a lot of breeds to adopt. There are kittens and adult ones that can give you plenty of fun and playtime. Others may prefer the seniors that tend to sleep all day to keep them company. There are specific breeds with different colors and sizes. There are also options for long-haired or short-haired ones. Just keep in touch with a rescue group so you’ll find your furry friend in the fastest time possible.

8. Make Other Pets Happy

You may not believe it, but cats and dogs in the same house can actually get along. If you have a cat already at home, adopting another one will reduce the loneliness that they may feel. This is especially relevant if you’re frequently out of the house. It’s best if you could ask first to do some “cat-testing” for your dog. If you have a feline, you need to expect some adjustments before your pets feel comfortable with each other.

9. Easily Adapt to Apartment Life

You may be currently living in a condo or apartment, and if so, then cats are one of the best companions for you. They don’t require much walking around the block and will prefer to spend their time playing around. Most breeds don’t need a lot of maintenance as long as they have plenty of toys and scratch posts inside the home.

Window rests and trees can also provide entertainment and enrichment, so they don’t become bored when you’re away. They are the best roommates that you will never ask for more.

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