Facebook allowed ads with anti-vaccine messages

The company that Mark Zuckerberg runs still can’t find the right way. Facebook has been promising things for years that it is not only failing to deliver, but is also doing just the opposite. Indeed, it is like that person who fills himself with good resolutions every New Year and who, in the end, does not fulfill any of them, not even if he has everything at hand.

One of the things that has cost Facebook the most criticism has been its attitude towards targeted advertising, based on the use of data and information from its users, but it has also generated a lot of commotion by allowing advertising that it collected from fake news even anti-vaccine messages. Due to the seriousness of the latter when we are still in the midst of a pandemic, the company he intoned a loud “mea culpa” and said that he was going to take steps to prevent such anti-vaccine advertising messages from appearing on Facebook, but in the end it was nothing more than another broken promise.

According to a CNN report, Facebook has continued to show anti-vaccine ads, something that in itself is a real nonsense, but it is still to come: one of those ads compared the deployment of vaccines with the Holocaust, and another promoted t-shirts with the message “I am from America, but right now I reside in Germany in 1941 ‘. Yes, it is something as despicable as it is ridiculous, that does not admit of discussion.

Facebook is now under the parent company Meta, but it is clear that nothing has changed, everything was a little theater to carry out a name change that has not had, for the moment, any beneficial and important effect on the real policies of the well-known social network. Recently, it pledged to eliminate false news related to COVID-19 vaccines, and also claimed to have suppressed 20 million disinformative content, and confirmed that it had signed a partnership with multiple health authorities, including WHO, but then allows this type of advertising.

It is obvious that this not the right way, and there is no doubt that Facebook still has many outstanding bills, and many loose ends to tie, to show the world that it cares about more than revenue, and that it is really trying to improve both the security and reliability of the information, content and advertisements offered. To understand the seriousness of all this, we just have to remember what we saw in this news.

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