Facebook promotes Spanish cultural SMEs with #ApoyandoaNuestraCultura

Facebook recently announced its initiative to boost the Spanish cultural SMEs in collaboration with FECED (State Federation of Dance Companies and Companies) and FAETEDA (State Federation of Theater and Dance Companies Associations).

#SupportingOurCulture is an initiative that aims to contribute to the economic recovery of Spanish theaters and companies in the cultural sector, helping them to accelerate their digital transformation to adapt their business strategy to the new socioeconomic scenario in which we find ourselves.

The set of Spanish cultural and scenic spaces has been particularly affected during the pandemic, reaching a critical situation. Never before has the cultural sector lost so many jobs in a single year: 42,100 fewer workers in 2020, according to the data obtained from the labor force survey of the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

At this time of economic recovery, many SMEs – especially those related to culture – are facing unprecedented challenges and are forced to accelerate their digitization and even change their business strategy to meet new needs of the society. In fact, 34% of Spanish SMEs on Facebook say that in the last month, at least 25% of their sales have been digital according to the “State of Small Business Report 2021”.

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Help center with training and information

In this context, #SupportingOurCulture aims to be a help center with training and information for small businesses in the world of culture can quickly adopt a digital strategy and thus boost their business.

In addition, in this online destination, owners of cultural companies will be able to download the free guide “Facebook Tools for Culture”, In which you will find all the products available on the different digital platforms to improve your business and recover from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Likewise, these SMEs continue to have at their disposal the free digital diagnostic toolthat they can use to make an evaluation of their digital strategy and receive a personalized action plan adapted to their needs, including aspects such as online presence, customer loyalty, advertising campaigns or the optimization of their website to navigate from different devices.

For his part, the director of Public Affairs in Spain and Portugal, José Luis Zimmermann, has stated that “At Facebook we have a strong commitment to small businesses to help them digitize, with special attention to those who have had the most challenges during the pandemic, such as SMEs within the cultural sector. The well-being of culture has a key impact on the well-being of society. We hope that our support and our technological tools will help these SMEs to incorporate different formats and experiences that will help them in their economic recovery ».

«From FAETEDA we believe that it is key to generate synergies that promote the growth of the scenic sector and that is why we joined Facebook in this cultural digitization project. We all build the economic recovery of the sector and it is good to know that we have new platforms so that cultural SMEs can further monetize their work » said Jesús Cimarro, president of FAETEDA.

“One of the objectives we have at FECED is to bring dance closer to the audience and we believe that the training in technological tools that we launched with Facebook will allow many cultural companies to continue growing and taking their art to more people” said Raquel Madrid, Vice President and Director of Communication of FECED

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