Fallout: small update on the development of the TV series

It’s been over a year since the announcement of Amazon Studios on the making of a TV series dedicated to Fallout and now comes a small update on the state of work of the show.

Writers busy adapting the popular video game for TV Bethesda they are convinced that the series will be something different than what we have seen so far.

The Fallout TV series is still in development

Despite having been missing for more than a year, Amazon’s TV series based on Fallout is still in development. To confirm this is the screenwriter Lucy Joy to the microphones of Collider, saying that the production is in progress and that it will be a different series from all those seen so far.

It will be a gonzo, crazy, fun and adventure show like no one has ever seen before”- revealed Joy. The fact that it is “gonzo”, a term that indicates when a figure of the troupe enters the show, makes us notably understand the direction that the writer, together with Jonathan Nolan, is giving to the series. Joy he also added:

We are creating a bizarre and crazy world. It is totally irreverent, crazy and funny.

For those who have played Fallout the words “funny” and “crazy” are probably not the first to come to mind associated with the game, although humor has become a fundamental component for the continuation of the franchise since Fallout 3, as the Wild Wasteland part clearly shows in Fallout: New Vegas.

At the moment there is no other information regarding the TV series Fallout up Amazon, so we will have to make use of the quick teaser trailer until the next, perhaps richer, update.

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