Five games that celebrate Halloween on every screen

Although this day dedicated to the dead has existed for centuries, It has not been until relatively recently that it has acquired great popularity, reaching countless adaptations. in other media such as movies, series, books and, of course, video games.

Everyone likes Halloween. Its gloomy atmosphere, its peculiar iconography full of pumpkins, bats and beings of darkness and, of course, being able to dress up as our favorite terrifying characters are some of the reasons why we love this date, so We especially like games that deal with this topic..

The scariest night made into a video game

And that is why in another of our characteristic lists we bring you five games that take place on Halloween and have all those elements that we love so much about this holiday. Let the scares and the list begin.

Pumpkin Jack

For lovers of platform titles, you cannot miss this game on these dates. We will control a diabolical being with a pumpkin head in a series of scenarios that perfectly encapsulate everything that makes this holiday special. You can find it for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


John Carpenter’s classic film is one of the horror films that has created a class and, like any good self-respecting movie from the 70s and 80s, it had its adaptation to the field of video games. In this classic for Atari 2600 we will control Judy while she must try to escape from the sinister murderer Michael Myers throughout Halloween night.

Cauldron II

Sequel to the mythical Cauldron for ZX Spectrum, this second part we believe better represents the spirit of Halloween, since in this title we will control the icon halloweenesque par excellence, a pumpkin, although in this case she is alive and can move through a series of gloomy scenarios. For retro fans this is perfect for these dates.


A classic from the first PlayStation could not be left out of the top. Starting from the basis that we control a skeleton knight who must face other undead, all with a totally Halloween setting, This title is perfect to revisit on these marked dates.. You can find its remake for PlayStation 4.

Death or Treat

Although this game passed very unnoticed on the consoles a few months ago, we think that In these terrifying times it can become one of those games that you have to play no matter what.. In addition, its cartoon style makes it very different from others with the same theme. You can buy it for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mac.

And you? What is your perfect game to play on Halloween?

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