Fix your bugs in Excel formulas faster with one change

At first, many think that Excel is a program especially suitable for business use, however, this is far from reality. It is true that you can keep the accounts of a company, but at the same time we can get a lot out of it ourselves at the user level.

This is a powerful software solution that is part of the Microsoft office suite, Office. It shares space with other programs than the importance of Word or PowerPoint, each one focused on a type of office work. As many of you already know, this application focuses on working with numerical data and its corresponding formulas and results. Admittedly, to get the most out of this solution we must have certain knowledge, but it also proposes a more basic use.

Everything will depend on how much we want to delve into the operation of Excel and the needs we have with it. And it is that the formulas that it proposes to us can go from a simple addition subtraction, to complex programmable functions. At this point, it goes without saying that in addition to the data that we enter, another of the strengths here are the formulas used. At the same time, we can always use images, texts and graphics that will help us in the spreadsheets that we design.

But if we are going to need to use these formulas, we are going to teach you a simple trick with which you will be able to locate correct errors in them more quickly. And it is that a little help will never hurt us in this section, especially if we use elements of this type, complex.

Help with very useful Excel formulas

You have to take into consideration, something that surely many of you already know first-hand, that sometimes we work with especially complex formulas. This can be translated into an authentic martyrdom in the event that we do not obtain the desired results. Well, the program that is part of the Office suite offers us an excellent solution. We just have to make a simple change to make these tasks easier for us in Excel in the future. As you can imagine, these changes refer to the configuration of the program itself, which is precisely what we are going to show you.

All you have to do is access the window of application settings through the menu File / options. In the left part of the new window that appears we find a series of categories corresponding to the operation of the software. Therefore, in the case that concerns us, we will have to go to the section called Formulas.

From that moment on, all we have to do is locate the section of Error checking located in the right panel. In this way and in order to more quickly solve possible errors in our spreadsheets, we activate the Enable background error checking selector. In addition, we have the possibility to specify a color so that we can locate these faults at a glance.

Surely this simple change in the Excel configuration will be very useful when working with these formulas and getting more out of them.

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