For only 20 euros you can see the temperature of your house from your mobile

How to know the temperature of the whole house

Maybe you have centralized heating and you can see what temperature it is in a place thanks to the thermostat. But that will only tell you how many degrees it is in that room and not in the rest of the house. The same can happen if you have a thermometer in the living room, in your room, in the kitchen… But it is possible to have all this centralized and, in addition, to see it from the mobile.

exist thermometers that you can distribute in the areas of the house where you are interested. For example in a room, in the living room, in the kitchen… Ideally, you should distribute them in the places where you are really going to spend time and need to maintain the temperature. In this way you will know when to turn on a heating or air conditioning to raise or lower the degrees.

These devices will have at least two sensors, but you can find models that bring many more and you can distribute them. The idea is to be able to centralize all this data on the mobile and, at a glance, know at all times what the temperature is in each of the places where you have placed them. Some also have a humidity sensor.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, centralized in the mobile

Although there are devices of this type that have a central station to which the different satellite sensors communicate, the idea is to be able to see that information from the mobile. We can achieve this through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, according to the model. Basically we have to install the corresponding application and we will be able to read the data that each one of them emits.

The fact of being able to use the mobile application to see the temperature of each sensor, it will not only tell us at a specific moment how many degrees it is in the kitchen, living room or in a room; We will also be able to see records such as the maximum temperature, the minimum, an average… This will help us to know to what extent a room cools down if we do not turn on the heating, for example.

As we say, you will find different models available and at affordable prices. At least they will have a couple of sensors that you will be able to put where you are interested, but you will also find models with more. The idea is to be able to record the information and display it on the mobile phone to be able to know the temperature at a glance at all times.

These are some models that you can find available on Amazon:

You can also take into account the Shelly gear, which offers very interesting devices. For example, in this case you can see the Shelly Plus H&T to measure temperature or its option to measure humidity.

In short, seeing the temperature in a place in your home is simple. You can use digital thermometers that are going to use several sensors and send the information they collect to the mobile, to be able to read the data from an application.

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