For this it is useful to automate the opening and closing of the house blinds

What are smart blinds for?

The smart blinds We can place them anywhere in our home. The idea is to be able to control them through the mobile, no matter where we are. In this way we can decide when to download or upload them, for example. But in addition, we can program them so as not to have to interact.

Avoid rain water

A very interesting use of automated blinds, which we can control from anywhere, is to prevent the rain water between or that may affect the crystals. Here we can mention a couple of options: close them remotely from the mobile or even close them by themselves if they have a water sensor.

Some smart blinds can be configured to close if the sensor detects water. In this case, as soon as it starts to rain they will close without us having to do anything else. The other option would have to be manually, although remotely from the mobile. For example, if we are outside and we see that it is starting to rain heavily, we can pick up the phone and close it.

hold temperature

You can also take advantage of smart blinds to prevent temperature changes in your home. For example, in winter you may want to close the blinds at night, when the sun goes down and the temperature begins to drop. This will help prevent heat loss.

The blinds can act as reinforcement to maintain the temperature of a home on the coldest days. Even if you are not at home and want to maintain the temperature, you can send an order from your mobile to activate it.

Allow sunlight to enter

In the opposite case, on a sunny day you may want the shutter to be open so that the sunlight and thus be able to heat the house even a little. You can also automate this thanks to sunlight sensors or simply close or lower the blind remotely from your mobile anywhere.

Therefore, having an automated blind will allow sunlight to enter. This will help you save energy and not have to turn on lights or heating to heat the home so much, for example.

prevent theft

An interesting use is to be able to simulate that you are at home. Thieves can spy on a house for a while to determine that no one is there. Especially if you have a second residence or if you are on vacation for a long period of time, this option is very useful to avoid problems.

What you can do is schedule the raising and lowering of blinds at certain times. You can also just manually give up or down as you are interested. This will allow it to appear as if there are people in that house.

Improve the life of the blinds

One more reason to use automated blinds is improve shelf life. When we continually raise or lower blinds, it is more likely that at a given moment we will give a stronger pull than necessary or that when we reach the bottom it will give a small bump. This, over time, can cause it to deteriorate.

Instead, automated blinds will open or close more steadily. There will be no pulls, nor possible problems that end up shortening the useful life.

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