France Inter was again the victim of a hack during the election night

Last night, in the middle of election night, France Inter was again hacked. The scenario is similar to the events of two weeks ago. For nearly an hour, the radio broadcast an unscheduled program containing several speeches by Emmanuel Macron. Radio France said it had launched an investigation.

Decidedly, these presidential elections will not have been easy for France. Two weeks ago, shortly after the announcement of the results, the radio was hacked. For nearly an hour and in eastern Paris, a hacker broadcast a mysterious program, a sort of anti-system montage denouncing the excesses of politicians and journalists. The case could have ended there, but last night, rebelote.

“We have been hacked again”, confided the radio station to AFP, specifying that it was again several taken aback tweets that informed him of the situation. Almost nothing has changed from last week, except for the content being broadcast. This time, it is excerpts from speeches by Emmanuel Macron, which does not seem to convey a clear message. The whole thing, again, for about an hour.

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France Inter launches an investigation after a second hack

This time, however, the area covered seems larger this time, since it seems that the program was also heard in Lyon, Rennes and Nantes. According to Alain Sibille, professor at Telecom Paris, “This is an unsophisticated analogue radio hack where a low power (100W) transmitter was overpowered by a stronger signal from a cheap and slightly more powerful 200W device, but its location in height was enough to get the right spread”.

We still do not know who is behind this piracy, but it is very likely that the same person sponsored the broadcast of the two shows. Radio France approached Arcom to shed light on this story. At first sight, it could be that a fault in the network of France Inter made it possible to replace the usual programs by a emission sent by a radio transmitter.

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