FSR 2.0 is now open source

Just as we expected, AMD has released the source code for FSR 2.0its intelligent rescaling technology, with which AMD competes with NVIDIA’s DLSS, but with the main difference that, as is common with the software associated with AMD graphics adapters, it is firmly committed to open source One very interesting aspect of the FSR 2.0 code release is that, at some point, systems with NVIDIA graphics adapters may also take advantage of this technology in games that have been optimized for it, but not for DLSS.

The release of the FSR 2.0 code occurs, and it is not by chance, right on the first anniversary of the debut of FSR 1.0, AMD’s entry into the AI-based upscaling competition, which allows you to substantially improve the graphic quality of compatible games without having to upgrade the hardware to do so. And although it is true that NVIDIA still has an advantage in the development of its own system, it is indisputable that AMD’s is also advancing at a very good pace.

FSR 2.0 supports DirectX 12 and Vulkan, with plugins for Unreal Engine 4.26/4.27 and soon also with Unreal Engine 5. As well as being able to be downloaded from GitHub right now, it will also be available through the Xbox Game Development Kit, a very logical move, given that the integrated GPU in Xbox is signed by AMD.

These are the links provided by AMD for those interested in FSSSR 2.0

  • Download FSR 2 sample
  • View FSR 2 on GitHub
  • FSR 2 Technical Documentation

The FSR 2.0 entry is already open source, it is original from MuyComputer

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