Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13? There is no photo in this benchmark

The Galaxy S22 are among the most powerful Android smartphones, but they do not measure up to the iPhone 13.

New flagship model in the Android universe, the Galaxy S22 Ultra arrives on the market with several strong arguments. It is accompanied by two little brothers, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+, which use the same technical basis. In the US, all Galaxy S22 variants feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 while European models use the Exynos 2200 chip. PCMag wasted no time and decided to see what the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra (under Snapdragon 8 Gen 1) have in the belly. And the conclusion is clear: Apple still beats Samsung.

The two brands have been competing for more than a decade on the market, with ever more powerful models. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is no exception to the rule and our colleagues indicate that it is the most powerful Android phone they have seen so far. An interesting promise that is not enough to beat Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max on Geekbench 5.

The Galaxy S22 performs well, but not as much as the iPhone 13

Indeed, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC isn’t quite as good as the A15 Bionic in terms of raw power. The iPhone 13 chip is far ahead with 1735 single-core points and 4647 multi-core points for the 13 Pro Max variant. The Galaxy S22 Ultra shows encouraging scores with 1,232 single-core and a multi-core score of 3,433, but it falls far short of Apple’s scores. On the other hand, it does better than the Tensor chip of the Google Pixel 6 and is logically ahead of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

iPhone 13 vs Galaxy S22 benchmark
© Screenshot/Ziff Davis, PCMag Digital Group

Remember that this benchmark concerns an American model equipped with the latest chip from Qualcomm. The situation should nevertheless be comparable in France with the Exynos 2200 from Samsung. Indeed, the results on Geekbench 5 for models under Exynos 2200 are around 3,500 points in multicore, reminds MacRumors. These results are therefore not a surprise, but rather a confirmation of Apple’s lead in this “test bench”.

Power is nothing without control

It is well known, it is not enough to embark the most powerful components to make mayonnaise take. If Apple has shown its mastery with the A15 Bionic of the iPhone 13, Samsung’s latest model remains a high-performance smartphone. It also differs from its main competitor on various points such as the photo part or the integrated S-Pen stylus. We have also mentioned these differences in this comparison.

More annoying for Samsung, the PCMag test suggests a possible problem with the device heating up. The Galaxy S22 Ultra reportedly heats up quickly during the benchmark, leading to a drop in performance. It would not be the first time that we have seen significant thermal throtting on a smartphone of the brand, but we will have to wait for other feedback to confirm it.

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