Galaxy Tab S8: Samsung’s tablet finally shows itself in stolen photos

Samsung is currently working on its new Galaxy Tab S8 tablet and its variations. They appear today in a photo in a leak. We can also discover another 8 inch slate, which should not be part of this range.

Samsung is working on its new range of tablets: the Galaxy Tab S8. The Korean manufacturer has still not disclosed anything about its future products, but they have been leaking everywhere for a few weeks already. Today, these are photos that appear on the net.

It is the Sudhanshu Albhore leaker who reveals stolen photos of four products. So we have a photo of the Galaxy Tab S8, but also of its two versions: the Galaxy Tab S8 + and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. A fourth tablet is presented: the SM-T270. The latter is an 8-inch tactile slate that does not yet have an official name.

The Galaxy Tab S8 is pictured

As we can see, the photos only show us a little. We see the tablets from the front and therefore we cannot judge their design. However, they allow you to realize their size and see that the screen edges are always reduced, as on the Tab S7. Only the SM-T270 shows its back.

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As a reminder, the Galaxy Tab S8 will be declined in three versions in three different sizes : 11 inches, 12.4 inches and 14.6 inches. All should be equipped with an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and use the “laptop” format by offering a separate keyboard. We should find a Snapdragon 888 inside.

The SM-T270 is expected to be sold outside the lineup. This little tablet should be 8 inches and be equipped with an Exynos 850 processor. This slate should attempt to reconnect with the “Mini” terminal market, which is slowly starting to rise from its ashes.

For the moment, Samsung has not given a date for a possible conference. However, the presentation of these products should not delay any longer. It is recalled that some leaks evoked a delay in the design of these terminals following an epidemic of COVID in the premises of Samsung.

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