Galaxy Watch3 owners in Europe can now access 2021 blood pressure and ECG data

More governments are giving their stamp of approval to capacity Samsung to read and monitor your blood pressure and EKG. The company has announced that its Samsung Health Monitor app, where those tracking features can be found, will be available in 31 new countries. For whom it is? For Galaxy Watch3 owners in Europe .

The European Union granted its CE certification to the app in December. What does this mean? It means that it complies with the EU regulations on health and technology, among other relevant fields. This includes the current 27 member nations plus the UK at the moment .

With the post-Brexit ramifications set in, the nation has introduced a new UKCA brand that Samsung may need to apply for (and should, if we’re honest) if the EU reviews any of the standards the Health app is approved of. Display. for and Samsung seeks to retain its CE mark.

Samsung also indicates that it will bring Health Monitor to Chile, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates .

Including the United States and South Korea, the owners from Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active2 in 33 European countries, for example, can use the Samsung Health Monitor app on their Samsung phones to get vital blood statistics.


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