Geekbench 6, new version of the popular benchmark for PCs and mobiles

Geekbench 6 is the new major version of the popular hardware testing and benchmarking tool, specifically CPU and GPU. It comes three years after v5 and offers free versions for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

This application is part of the group of software we know as benchmarkstechniques used to get a performance estimate computer equipment or any of its components, especially CPU, GPU, RAM or storage units. They can also be used to obtain information about the hardware or to check its operation in case of errors.

Geekbench 6, what’s new

The developer of the application, Primate Labs, points out that the hardware for PCs and smartphones has changed a lot in these three years, as well as its performance. Therefore, he has added new workload tests to his arsenal, consisting of:

  • Background blur in video conference footage.
  • Image filter and adjustment for social media sites.
  • Automatic removal of unwanted objects in photos.
  • Detection and labeling of objects in photos using machine learning models.
  • Analysis, processing and conversion of text using scripting language.

The improvement of support for modern hardware has been reflected in an increase in workloads that must squeeze better hardware:

  • Higher resolution photographs in imaging tests.
  • Larger maps in navigation tests.
  • Larger and more complex documents in web browser tests, PDF and HTML5 files.
  • More (and bigger) files in developer tests.

Geekbench 6

There have also been changes to the tests for multicore CPUs which are dominant at the present time. The multicore scores have also been revamped, with the new scale measuring how well cores share workloads in “real world” scenarios. This should provide more accurate and comparable results when it comes to CPUs that mix “big” and “small” cores as in mobile or hybrid architectures in PCs, from Intel or Apple.

The use of this tool has not changed, with two big tests for CPU and GPU. Nor is its general interface, very easy to use since it is a matter of one click and the application will execute all the tests. It should be noted that Android users will find design language themes Material You and even a thematic icon on the home screen if they have it enabled.

Geekbench 6 is available on its website with versions for Windows (v10 64-bit or higher); macOS (v11 or higher); Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit or higher); Android (v10 or higher) and iOS (v15 or higher). Say the app it is free for personal use and requires an active Internet connection. If you want to activate its offline mode of operation and unlock all its functions, you can buy the “Pro” version of the application, which is priced at $79 until February 28 as a launch promotion.

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