GI JOE now have their role play

Renegade Game Studios announces that it has opened pre-orders for the role-playing game by GI Joe, the successful cross-media franchise born from the toy line produced by the American company Hasbro.

Here is the role-playing game of GI JOE

Players will be provided with all the tools to create their own Joe character, each with their own unique characteristics and a lot of military curriculum, ready to take their rightful place within the GI Joe team, become a true American hero and save the world from Cobras.

The basic game consists of a 304-page hardcover Core Rolebook (and with bookmark tape) containing all the rules to start playing immediately, accompanied by an exclusive set of themed dice with relative collection bag.

This 8-piece dice set is everything every hero needs to play the GI Joe RPG, create new characters and manage adventures and campaigns.

What can I say, we just have to take advantage of the pre-orders and start a new game session. Come on Joe!

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