GIGABYTE presents its AORUS RGB DDR5 memories at 6000MHz

GIGABYTE unveiled its new AORUS RGB DDR5 memory at CES in Las Vegas. Although we assume there will be other capacities in the future, those presented will be sold in a 32 GB kit (2 x 16 Gbytes) and will reach a frequency of 6,000 MHz.

The new generation of RAM memory is being deployed at a good pace in all areas of the technology industry: consumer, professional and servers. Although DDR4 will still be dominant, DDR5 is going to be extended this year as we have already seen in other launches from specialists such as Corsair, Kingston or Samsung, and also its equivalent for laptops, LPDDR5, ubiquitous in the high-end presented this week at the CES.

The standard presents significant performance advantages over DDR4, energy consumption, operations or capacity, in addition to other specific ones of the manufacture, improvement of the data controller, of the integrated circuit of management of energy or of the code of correction of errors (ECC) for professional applications.

The GIGABYTE AORUS RGB DDR5 is a good sample. They have been optimized to work with motherboards with Intel Z690 chipset, they work in dual channel, their frequency can reach 6,000 MHz and their latency is 40-40-40-76.

They can take advantage of the support for the Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP 3.0) and next to the function «DDR5 XMP Booster»Which detects frequency in BIOS settings, allowing users to quickly choose between multiple overclocking profiles easily.

These memories equip passive cooling solutions based on copper and aluminum heat sinks, with nanocarbon coating and a high conductivity heating pad, which promises to keep the temperatures of the power control unit and the memories themselves under control, even when you ‘turn them up’.

The modules have 8 digital LEDs that produce custom lighting effects and strips that can be managed with the GIGA RGB Fusion app and synchronized with other components and peripherals that have RGB Fusion.

GIGABYTE presents its AORUS RGB DDR5 memories at 6000MHz 32

The AORUS RGB DDR5 claims to have been tested on the entire Gigabyte line of motherboards, although they may work on others. They have a lifetime guarantee and they should reach the market in a short time. No price has been provided.

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