Gmail will incorporate machine learning to improve searches

The searches in Gmail are about to become smarter, and therefore more accurate. Until now, search results in Google’s email tool relied on things like filters and operators to help users find messages they couldn’t find without help. But soon they will have the additional support of machine learning to find what they need. Especially if they do not have a specific idea of ​​the message they are looking for and only remember some characteristics of the email in question.

According to a post on the Google Workspace Updates blog, the company’s new machine learning models should be able to offer more contextual suggestions to searches, as well as personalized results based on historical user activity. The rollout of the new enhanced search tools for Google’s email tool has already started, but it may still take a few days for them to be available to everyone.

Although Google generally adds more features to its paying customers and companies than to individual users, this time the features will be the same for everyone, and users of the free Workspace service will also be able to use them. What is not yet known is whether the changes will affect only the browser experience, as has already happened with some updates, or will also immediately reach mobile apps.

At the same time, Google is going to deploy a new interface to all its users, who until now could choose whether to adopt it or not. Although its visual changes are minimal, and are practically limited to the integration of the company’s collaboration tools, such as Chat and Meet, in the program’s central interface, with the aim that users do not have to go from one browser tab to another to use them. In addition, the company has some changes and improvements to their Meet conferencing platform to facilitate real-time collaboration.

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