Salesforce Web3 will make it easier for companies to create NFTs

salesforce has announced a suite of tools for Make it easy for companies to create NFTs: Salesforce Web3. With it, Customer 360 can be connected with Web3 data to have a global version of how customers interact with the company’s brand or products, both in physical and digital environments.

Additionally, with Web3 Connect, an API integration, brands have the opportunity to create personalized omnichannel experiences across Web2 and Web3. Moreover, with the suite, companies will have a complete view of how customers interact with their NFT collections.

For the development of Web3, Salesforce used the services of its Humane and Ethical Use of Technology Office. Also those of the Web3 Advisory Board, and those of the Ethical Use Advisory Council. Apart from these organizations and entities, he also consulted with different employees, academic experts on the subject and NGOs. The Salesforce Sustainability and Equality teams also participated in its development. All in order to ensure that Web3 develops focused on responsibility and values

Among the elements that Salesforce Web3 offers is NFT Management, which until now had the name of NFT Cloud. With it you can generate and manage NFT collections, directly, through Salesforce. In addition, it gives access to real-time information about customers and allows monitoring of Blockchain activity. Through Salesforce Flow, it also allows you to automate processes.

By now, Salesforce already has a number of partners, such as Accenture and Deloitte Digital, who are collaborating with other companies on Web3 implementation, including experimenting with Blockchain, digital wallets and creating NFTs. Several digital agencies and consultancies are also collaborating on this, such as AE Studio, Media Monks, TIME and Vayner3.

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