Go back to school or work with this laptop for less than 500 euros

Find a laptop thin, light, with decent power and at a good price it is usually something of a pipe dream. There are several manufacturers that make computers that meet some of these variables, but they almost never sell them at a good price. Luckily, there are times when the stars align and we can get a team like this without leaving our wallets in the attempt. If you are looking for a decent laptop for office tasks and using the browser, the offer that we bring you today is for you.

How hard is it to buy a decent laptop?

honor magic book x14 display

When we look for a computer laptop to work text files, spreadsheets and browser applications, the ideal is to get a computer with a low weight, a good autonomy and a big screen resolution. However, finding a team that includes all these requirements is not going to be an easy task. Wherever you look, something will always fail. Normally, if you are looking for such a laptop, there will always be something that will limp. If it is not the screen, it will be the price. And if it is not the price, the design will be horrible or its battery will be mediocre.

A few years ago, huawei entered the world of laptops and launched several really interesting computers. They also launched laptops under their Honor brand, somewhat more affordable, but without sacrificing the quality that this manufacturer usually offers.

Honor MagicBook X14: a light and quality laptop that is on sale today

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The Honor MagicBook X14 is a laptop that makes it easy for you if you are looking for a team to telecommute from home or if you move around a lot during your workday. It is a laptop 14 inches with a Full HD screen. It is built with a lightweight aluminum chassis, which makes the equipment weigh 1.28 Kg. Its design is quite inspired by Apple’s MacBook, and its frames are really thin, about 5.3 millimeters, to be exact.

Features of the Honor MagicBook X14

Inside, the Honor MagicBook X14 that is on sale today has a processor Intel Core i5 10210U Accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and a storage 512 SSD GB. The equipment comes with a license Windows 10 already pre-installed (you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free if you want) and it also has a fingerprint reader that serves to unlock the computer in a simple way without having to enter the password. If you were wondering about the autonomy, the brand promises up to 9 hours of use with an hour of charge, with a maximum duration of more than 12 hours with a full charge.

At the connectivity level, the laptop has an HDMI output in case we need to connect the computer to an external screen, two USB ports and a Jack audio output.

An offer that will soon disappear

honor x14 apps

During today’s session, the Honor MagicBook X14 is available for a price of 499 euros, a 38% discount compared to its previous price. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting price for all those who are looking for a device with decent power and a quality screen.

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