GoDeal24 offers on Windows and Office licenses for new year 2022

The new year 2022 has arrived loaded with offers in Windows and Office licenses thanks to the GoDeal24 New Years Deals. If you are interested in buying Windows 11 licenses or the latest version of Office 2021, you are in luck because you will be able to save a lot of money compared to buying it directly from Microsoft, because they are OEM licenses. Do you want to know all the offers that we have today and that will be available throughout the week? Don’t miss out on all the offers below.

Discount on Office 2021 licenses

If you are interested in buying Microsoft Office licenses, either in its 2021 version, the 2019 version or the 2016 version, today you have offers in all recent versions of Office, in addition, we have a mega promotion in the 5 PC version, because each Office license will cost less than 15 euros, a real bargain!

Microsoft Office has become the office suite par excellence, it is the one chosen by all home and business users to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, among many other activities. Below, you can see all the Office 2021 licenses that we have available at a great price:

If you want to buy the versions of Microsoft Office 2019 or the version of 2016, we also have them with a very interesting discount, although the best offer is to buy the pack of 5 Office licenses, because it is the one that will save you the most money.

Windows 11 for less than 15 euros

If you want to buy the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, the popular Windows 11, today we have it available for less than 15 euros, specifically for € 14.99, a real bargain. You also have other versions of Windows available, such as Windows 10 Home or Pro, including a promotion of a pack of two Windows 10 Pro licenses that will cost you € 5.50 per license.

As you can see, the version of Windows 11 is the one that is most worthwhile because it is the latest version of the operating system, however, Windows 10 Pro has a completely free update to Windows 11, so it could be another very interesting option : buy Windows 10 Pro and upgrade to Windows 11 for free, so you will save between 7 and 10 euros approximately.

Windows and Office Packs and more

If you want to buy Windows and Office together, at GoDeal24 we have a large list of offers with all the possible combinations between the different versions of the operating system and the office suite. In order to get the best possible discount, it is absolutely necessary to use the «ZT62» discount coupon when purchasing the licenses, in this way, you will have the best possible discount.

We also have a discount on other licenses by applying the discount coupon “ZT50” to get a 50% discount, below, you can see all the prices with the discounts applied:

In case you are interested in buying licenses for Microsoft Project, VIsio and even Home and Student versions of Office, here are all the offers:

Finally, at GoDeal24 we also have different software available to optimize our PC, below you can find them with a fairly competitive price:

In GoDeal24 you can pay by card or PayPal for greater security, if you have a problem you can send an email to where you will find the necessary support. All Windows and Office licenses are OEM type, for this reason they are so cheap compared to other licenses that we can find in the official Microsoft store or others. A very important aspect of GoDeal24 is the speed with which you can buy the licenses, and that is that they will be sent to you by email in less than an hour, in addition, they will send you the necessary instructions to correctly activate your operating system, Office or software, for which you won’t need to find out for yourself.

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