Good uses of cookies to improve the Chrome experience

As time has passed and Internet browsers have become more complex programs, the amount of data they store is greater. A good part of these are part of our navigation, be it our own information or the sites we visit. A clear example of all this is represented by the cookies that accumulate on our equipment when using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.

The developers of those programs argue that all this data collection It is carried out to improve the use of your projects. However, not all users fully agree with these movements. Sometimes this can become a serious security or privacy problem, so many of them try to avoid it. Here, along these lines, we are going to focus on one of the elements collected by these most common browsers. Specifically, we refer to the so hated, but at the same time necessary navigation cookies.

What are cookies used for in Google Chrome?

Despite the fact that many reject and remove them from their programs whenever possible, these elements are not always as bad or negative as they seem. For those of you who do not know, cookies are small files that are created from the websites we visit. These are used in order to store data about the user such as their identifier, credential information or a personalized configuration belonging to certain pages. Similarly, social networks or online stores use these cookies to track users. A) Yes collect information and use it for commercial, advertising purposes, etc.

However, as we mentioned before, these are elements that on many occasions will also be very useful to us as an end user in Chrome.

Advantages of these software elements on the internet

The first thing we should know is that, even if we don’t like it, cookies are necessary when moving around the internet in Google Chrome. From there, the use made of them will mark their good or bad intentions. Precisely below we want to focus on the first modality. There are websites that use these cookies to save the personalized configuration that we make of their pages on our computer.

In this way every time we go to them we will have our running preferences From the first moment. If it weren’t for these elements, we would have to configure that website every time we enter it. In addition, we must take into consideration that certain streaming content services such as Spotify, Netflix or HBOThey also save our preferences and searches in cookies. Obviously, this can substantially improve our experience of later using that platform.

At the same time, despite the fact that for some it may represent a clear violation of your privacyThese elements save our preferences in the online commerce sector. This is something that is becoming more and more widespread, so the companies that offer us these services try to make things easier for us. These cookies are used in part for this, since they also save previously made searches, saved objects, our preferences, etc. As in streaming platforms, in this sector of electronic commerce we also they will save a good amount of time when using Chrome.

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