Goodbye, Dolores: Westworld will be deleted from HBO Max, why?


A few weeks ago, fans of Westworld received a whole jug of cold water: the science fiction series was cancelled leaving viewers without an ending that would conclude their story. Now, we could say that his followers are once again disappointed (smaller, it must be said) when they discover that they have not only left it without an outcome but that they will also leave the catalog of HBO Max shortly, thus preventing it from being seen again. What could be the cause of such a drastic decision?

Clipping on HBO for “surprise”

The Serie Westworld He started off with a bang: his first season was great and a breath of fresh air. An original approach and an excellent execution resulted in what seemed to be the reference science fiction series of the moment. It was supported by HBO itself, which thus turned this title into its second great letter of introduction after the ubiquitous and insurmountable Game of Thrones. What a two series on the bill.

Nevertheless the magic faded soon: the second season ended up being somewhat repetitive and the third was already difficult to digest. What to say about the fourth, released on June 26 of this year: a plot without feet or head and an audience that had continued to plummet ended up killing the fiction, from which its cancellation last November.


This meant that the series would be left without the fifth and final season -at the time announced and even with the contracts of the actors formalized- and despite the fact that the move will cost the platform money, it will never be as much as producing its chapters, currently among the most expensive on the small screen scene.

Even with all this, more than one could think that at least he would always give him the consolation of seeing the first seasons again -or at least the first, which is worth gold-, however, nothing is further from reality: according to the well-known and reliable medium Deadline, HBO Max is going to remove it directly from the catalog. What is the reason for this decision?

platform movement

It seems that the reason could be in a platform move. Warner no longer wants it in its HBO catalog (remembering the embarrassment of its cancellation -note that the decision has cost it almost 15 million dollars-) so it could opt for place it in another catalog of the company in the future.


It should be remembered that Warner Media owns a good number of channel networks and services and without going any further, a few months ago it announced the future merger of HBO with Discovery+ to thus relaunch an even larger platform that we will see in Spain in 2024. This is the result of the purchase of Warner by the Discovery company -in fact, officially and if we get picky we must point out that the firm is now called Warner Bros. Discovery .

Beside Westworld, has also been canceled and will likewise be withdrawn The Neversby Joss Whedon. What is currently unknown is when this deletion of material will take place (perhaps for the new year?). Take advantage just in case and give yourself a marathon this Christmas.

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