Goodbye to plastic, ceramic keycaps for keyboards arrive

Currently, there are gaming keyboards on the market in different formats and with different types of switches according to needs. All are characterized by having plastic keycaps, of greater or lesser quality. Well, they have developed ceramic keycaps compatible with any type of mechanical switch that we can find in tgaming echoes.

Keycaps or key covers are usually made of plastic due to their low cost and simplicity of manufacture. It seems that someone has thought of making ceramic keycaps for gaming keyboards. This project had a minimum of €6,000 to be carried out on Kickstarter, well, that’s it. exceeds €170,000 of financing.

Ceramic keycaps for keyboards that start it on Kickstarter

Surely you have never given more importance to keycaps or not so much as to wonder why they are only made of plastic. One might think that there are other materials, such as aluminum or cardboard, with which they could be made, and you are right. But for costs and manufacturing time, plastic is the best option.

We now have an alternative coming from a Hong Kong manufacturer that has launched a crowdfunding on Kickstarter. They have developed a game ceramic type keycaps, of those that guarantee, offers high resistance and durability. They claim that these keycaps offer more durability than plastic and are compatible with all gaming switches on the market.

Within the project page we can read that they are made in industry grade alumina ceramicl. They have used this material because it offers very good resistance to wear and impact. It is also noted that this material is lighter than conventional ceramics.

They indicate that this material offers a warm feeling similar to jade and a smooth and silky texture, with which no other material can be compared. They emphasize that we could feel a sensation of solid writing like we have never felt before.

Regarding the weight, the letters have a weight of 3.5 grams. The 2.25U shift keys weigh 7 grams and the 2.75U shift keys weigh 8.6 grams. In addition, we have the CapsLock that weighs 6 grams, the backspace that weighs 8.5 grams, and the space bar that weighs 32 grams.

Get out of the monotony with a ceramic keyboard

The creators of this crowdfunding offer a wide variety of colors that we can choose as we want. It is noteworthy that all the enamels are cast at temperatures between 1140 °C and 1280 °C, to offer long durability.

Something very interesting is that they offer better transmission of the RGB lighting. It stands out that it allows to offer a brighter light, so a more vibrant RGB is generated without affecting the structure of the key.

If you are interested, the simplest kit is priced at approximately €123 and they ship worldwide. This kit includes a total of 113 ceramic keys from which we can choose the color. They are all compatible with the Cherry profile, or what is the same, compatible with any mechanical switch on the market. The delivery date is not indicated, but it should be within this same year 2022.

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