Google: 2-step verification will be mandatory, we tell you what it is and how to activate it

With cyber attacks the order of the day, Google has been forced to strengthen the security of its users by implementing a “drastic measure”Although, it is true that this function was already available for a couple of years, now it will be mandatory to use it.

It is a system of two-step authentication, One of the safest methods nowadays, which as its name indicates, consists of verifying the identity of the user who tries to access through 2 steps, either using other devices, a password manager or any application that apart from your password .

Google is taking these steps so that people who use its services have more secure accounts and thus avoid possible hacks. This measure, which was announced in October, has the short-term objective of activating this function automatically in more than 150 million users all over the world.

When activated automatically, users will be forced to adopt it and start using it.

This measure will be extended to other Google services, such as YouTube, in which all your accounts must access with the two-step verification method, without any exception.

Two-step verification

This method is very easy to use, once the email and password, Google’s servers will send a text message, make a call or open an application with a special code that the user must use to enter, thereby avoiding account theft, unwanted password changes or even misuse of data.

Officially it has not been said when will be the date on which Google will start with this on a mandatory basis, although many people who use the different services, have said that the November 9 This is when they will need two-step verification to access their accounts.

The feature will activate two-step verification automatically. You can activate this function before if you prefer, your account is already ready for you to do so.

If this message appears in your account, just by clicking on the button that indicates, you can start this process through the security section, the data that it requests are: phone number as well as if you require a text message or a call to verify that it is your account. Since the means of communication is selected, they will send you the text message or the call, it all depends on what has been chosen.

That’s how Google It seeks to protect the people who use its service and to make each of the applications something more secure.


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