Google has an app in mind to easily switch from iPhone to Android smartphone

Clues found in an application for Android suggest the imminent arrival of a utility to simply migrate from iOS to Google’s mobile operating system.

Today there are only two major operating systems on the smartphone and tablet market: Android and iOS. However, moving from one environment to another is not always a walk in the park, especially for those who are not very comfortable with computers. A global utility would however be very practical to facilitate the passage from one OS to another.

An app to transfer your data and apps

Obviously, Google has seized on the subject. In any case, this is what the clues noted by the 9to5 Google site suggest on July 27. Its analysis of the code of a data reset tool, for Android, uncovered mentions of an application unknown to the battalion, but with a clear name on its intentions: “Switch to Android”.

The app, of course, should only be available on Apple’s App Store, if it ever sees the light of day. It could not only transfer messages, multimedia content and the contact list, but also applications, assuming that there is always a variation on Android of an iOS application. Indeed, some programs are not offered on the other OS.

On the way to Android! // Source: Android

Such a utility would be very practical but certain limits are to be expected: a paid application purchased on iOS will undoubtedly have to be paid for by Android. It also remains to be seen whether Switch to Android is able to switch from one OS to another all the settings and history of an application, such as messaging conversations. This would of course be ideal.

Another unknown: the date of availability of this application, if it ever becomes reality.

As for Apple’s attitude towards this iOS application, we do not see why the Cupertino company would oppose it. After all, Apple has had its own solution on Android (Migrate to iOS) for years. Moreover, if Apple is confident in the quality of its OS, it will not cause an exodus. Finally, as with your bank or electricity supplier, it is healthy to be able to facilitate public mobility.

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