Google is preparing a new Chromecast with Google TV, but without 4K

Google is reportedly set to launch a new Chromecast dongle with its Google TV interface, and this time it would be an entry-level device aimed at replacing the current Chromecast.

Google announced at the end of 2020 a new type of Chromecast, since it did not simply allow content to be broadcast on a television. Indeed, Google’s latest Chromecast, offered at 69.99 eurosis able to display a Google TV interface, the new alternative to Android TV.

According to information from our colleagues at 9to5Google, a new Chromecast at code name “Boreal” was spotted in the US manufacturer’s documentation, and this one would be directly connected to Google TV. This suggests that it is a device belonging to the same family as the recent Chromecast with Google TV which was named “Sabrina”.

A low-end Chromecast limited to Full HD

9to5Google then unearthed new information claiming that it was a low-end dongle, since it would be called “Chromecast HD with Google TV”. This one would come replace the old classic third-generation Chromecast, offered at 39 euros on the official Google website.

The new Chromecast HD with Google TV would be, as the name suggests, limited to 1080p resolution. No 4K on this model, you will have to go upmarket if you want to enjoy better display quality. The manufacturer has moreover started to affix a “4K” sticker on the current model, which reinforces the idea that the new version will not be compatible with this definition.

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Additionally, we learn that this new Chromecast would be powered by 2GB of RAM, an Amlogic S805X2 CPU, and the Mali-G31 GPU, which allow in particular the decoding of the new AV1 codec. This support for AV1 on a low-end model is quite strange, since so farno Chromecast supported this new codec which nevertheless offers much higher compression rates than other codecs such as VP9, ​​while consuming less bandwidth. It was in particular recently adopted by all browsers and by some platforms such as Netflix.

As of now, it’s unclear when this new entry-level Chromecast will launch, but it should arrive later this year. Good news, just like the more expensive model, this new Chromecast HD with Google TV would also be comes with a remote control.

Source: 9to5Google

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