Google Play in Windows 11: they have already managed to install it

We have been talking about the arrival of Android apps to Windows 11. And it is that the possibilities that are opened, both for users and for developers, are the most interesting. And there are many apps that exclusively reach mobile platforms, something that happens in a particularly common way with games. This is, without a doubt, one of the most notable novelties of the recently debuted Windows 11, although, as we already told you at the time, it has not debuted at its launch.

Although this could indicate that the Android subsystem for Windows was going to be delayed considerably, in the middle of this week we got very good news, knowing that a first version has already reached a small selection of insiders of Windows 11. As we expected, the first Android app store for Windows 11 is Amazon’s, which users of the manufacturer’s Fire devices are already well aware of.

Amazon’s option is not bad but undoubtedly the vast majority of Android apps can be found on Google Play, the official Google app store for Android. However, this store is not scheduled to officially reach Windows 11. Why? Because a large part of these apps are dependent on Google services, that is, it would be necessary to bring them to Windows, something that Microsoft is probably not willing to do.

However, surely you have noticed that I have mentioned that it will not arrive officially, and this does not mean that there are not, at this point, people working to bring Google Play to Windows 11. And the surprising thing is that, at less than a week after the arrival of the Android subsystem for Windows, an Italian developer, with the username ADeltaX on GitHub, you have already found the system to achieve it, and posted it on GitHub.

The system is still not very polished and, what’s more, improvements in the project documentation are also necessary. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that the project has been released less than 48 hours ago, and that the developer himself is aware of this and that he intends both to improve the software part and to make the documentation easier. But also, until that time comes, he has published a video guide, which shows all the steps to install and use Google Play in Windows 11.

Given what it has been able to do in these few days, it is to be expected that in the face of the widespread arrival of the Windows subsystem for Android its installation has been quite simplifiedTherefore, unless the project is opposed by Google or Microsoft, the installation of Google Play and Google services in Windows 11 is practically within the reach of any user.

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