Google TV will notify you when you can see something from your list for free

Google TV is the brand new content application of the Internet giant, a replacement for the old Google Play Movies which no longer only serves to buy in the company’s store, but also to manage the different services of the company in a unified way.treaming that populate the current web. Almost all of them, at least.

From the metamorphosis of Google Play Movies to Google TV, we already told you everything when it happened last September, as well as the distinction between Google TV as an independent application and Google TV as an application and replacement also for the Android TV interface on certain devices.

Be that as it may, Google TV continues to improve and the latest news in this regard is told to us by Android Police: it is a new option whereby the application will notify you with a notification when some content that you have signed up for in your Google list can be viewed for free. As simple as that.

But what does “free” mean in Google TV parlance? This is not as clear as it might seem, and in fact does not appear to be translated as ordinary mortals would understand it. So let’s try to explain it ourselves accordingly.

As we gathered at the time, the new Google TV application aims to act as a universal manager of streaming Of video, that is, that your “list of desired contents” to see is not distributed among several services, with the annoyance and inefficiency that this entails, but rather it is done in a single app, which is the one that concerns us.

Google Play Movies Google TV

Google Play Movies is now Google TV

Thus, it does not matter if you add to your Google list the next season of the current star series or the movie that is about to be released in theaters, because – that’s the theory – it can do anything. And as it can with everything, it can notify you when that movie you want to see is available in one of the video on demand services to which you are subscribed. Behold the free.

It is speculated that Gooogle TV also warns the user if something on its list is put on time for free on Google Play itself, but this is extremely unlikely. So you will have to settle for that: that Google TV tell you when what you have written on your list because you supposedly liked it, it is within your reach.

However, Google TV has a weak point, and it is that the universal desire that remains lame: among the more than 30 VOD services that the application integrates, some as important as Netflix itself are missing … so the limp is notable, but not a total impediment.

If you are interested in the concept that Google TV raises, do not miss our tutorial on the list ed Google, because it is not only the way to avoid the shortcomings of the app: it is also the way to manage everything by land, sea and air, no matter what platform you are on. Take a look that you will like.

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