Does iOS 15.4 have a battery problem?

Just a week ago Apple released iOS 15.4, the fourth major update to iOS 15, for all users. An update that, as we told you some time ago, has as its main novelty the possibility of unlocking the iPhone using Face ID with the mask on, although this function has only reached iPhone 12 and 13 users. It also brings some new emojis and some other news. However, and as we already told you in MuySeguridad, the main reason to update to iOS 15.4 is that, from its hand, comes a good handful of security patches.

Be that as it may, shortly after the release of iOS 15.4 some users began to claim they were seeing their battery charge drop at a rapid rate, something that we can see that at this time continues to occur, in the case of Twitter, with multiple mentions of Apple’s technical support account on this social network. At this time it is somewhat more difficult to find them, since a temporary drop in part of the company’s online services has taken over the activity of said account, but among many responses to said incident, we can still find some reference to the battery problem.

It seems, however, and to reassure (at least in the first instance) people who may suffer from this problem, that we would not find ourselves facing an incident that will permanently affect their devices. And it is that according to the company in this answer to a user, the changes associated with iOS 15.4 with respect to its predecessors have, as a consequence, that both the functions of the operating system and the apps installed on the mobile have to carry out certain readjustments.

This extra activity translates, of course, into higher consumption, which would explain the reason why some users are experiencing this problem. According to that message, this reset could take up to 48 hours from the installation of iOS 15.4 and, yes, in case the problems persist after that period, Apple asks users who have carried out the update, to contact the company’s technical support, to try to find out what it is. may be causing battery discharge.

From personal experience, I can say that I updated to iOS 15.4 last week, and that I have not experienced problems with the battery, although it is true that my phone is not one of the older models that allow this update. However, and although Apple’s first response is somewhat reassuring, it will not hurt to check what happens in a few days, when there are already many more users who have updated and, above all, let those critical 48 hours pass for users. system resets.

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