Google will sell spare parts to repair your Pixel yourself, like Samsung

Google has decided to take inspiration from Samsung by teaming up with iFixit to facilitate the repair of Google Pixel smartphones. Users wishing to repair their devices will be able to obtain spare parts on the iFixit website.

google ifixit partnership
Credit: iFixit

In recent years, smartphone manufacturers seek to reduce the ecological footprint of their activities. Apple is the first to have taken a strong decision, that of removing the charger from the box of the iPhone 12. Since then, some competitors of the Apple brand have decided to do the same, like Samsung for example since the Galaxy S21.

In addition, more and more governments and political institutions wish to commit themselves to a right to repair for consumers. This is the case of the United States, where a first decree was signed in favor of the right to repair in July 2021. In France and since January 2021, the repairability index has come into force, allowing users to quickly judge whether a device is easily repairable or not.

On a European scale, the European Commission’s proposal for an effective right to compensation will be voted on at the end of 2022. The deputies also voted their first demands on this subject this Friday, April 8. Faced with these multiple initiatives, some players in the smartphone industry are in turn seeking to facilitate repair.

After Samsung and Valve, Google joins forces with iFixit

Samsung has for example decided to join forces with iFixit, the repair pros, to offer users the purchase of spare parts for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy s21. Valve also plans to offer the same with the SteamDeck. Now iFixit can count Google among its partners.

In effect, the Mountain View firm has signed a partnership with iFixit to offer spare parts for Google Pixel from the official specialist website. Some components like batteries, screens or sensors will be available for purchase in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom. This program will soon be available in France and in other European countries.

As Google specifies, spare parts will be available for a very large number of devices in the Pixel range, from the latest Pixel 6 to the Pixel 2 launched in 2017. Spare parts for the Pixel will be sold at a time individually and in “repair kits”, which include the tools needed for repairs. However, some authorized centers will be able to carry out repairs for customers if they wish.

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