Gordon Pym – Across the abyss: the review of the game book

Gordon Pym – Across the abyss is the last game book of the publishing house Watson Editions, written by Lorenzo Trenti for the necklace Gamebook edited by Francesco di Lazzaro. The title speaks for itself: the series, in fact, continues its journey into the great classics of literature through one of the most loved and fascinating works of the horror genre, The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym of the timeless genius of Edgar Allan Poe.

Ready to go on a journey into the mysterious waters of the ocean? Get ready to take on the role of the protagonist of the first psychological horror of the story (it’s not very reassuring, I know!).

Here is Gordon Pym’s review – Across the Abyss

The only novel by Edgar Allan Poe that was published when the author was still alive is, precisely, The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym, a book that tells the story of the young man at sea. Arthur. Between shipwrecks and other misadventures, the protagonist will go to the unexplored (and disturbing!) Lands of the South Pole.

Gordon Pym – Across the abyss by Lorenzo Trenti takes up the basic plot of Poe’s novel, changing the story of the protagonist into a story at crossroads dense, full of pathos and emotions, with numerous objectives and possibilities. In short, we will be in front of a sea (and this is the case to say it!) Of intertwining and crossroads.

Year of grace 1827. The brig Grampus, with its load of mysteries, plows the choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Hidden in the hold is you: Arthur Gordon Pym, a young man from Nantucket who has decided to tempt fate and venture out to sea. What you still don’t know is that the ocean is a very dangerous place. Between shipwrecks and mutinies, disappearing islands and abandoned black galleons, firmly grasp the rudder and chart the course of your destiny!

How to Play Gordon Pym – Across the Abyss

In this game book we will interpret just Arthur, the protagonist of the adventures of Poe, and we will have to juggle the pitfalls and dangers ofOcean.

This game-book is diceless, so we will not need dice to continue through the different chapters of the book, but we will have to rely solely on our decisions and on the other values ​​that we will find on the card. In Gordon Pym we will not have a real Character Sheet but a Logbook, so called because we will find next to the characteristics of the character also various elements that we will need to navigate.

The first features we find in the Logbook are Starvation And It derives, which at the beginning of the game will have a fixed value which, however, will increase or decrease depending on the roads we will take. Starvation is the need to drink or eat (an empty stomach could lead us to violent or immoral actions!); the drift is the value that indicates how much we are losing the compass, both in the sense of orientation and in relation to our sanity.

Another section of the Journal is dedicated to Objects And Note: not everything we find can be inserted in these spaces, but the text will show us precisely which words to write down and whether to insert them as Notes or as Objects; noting them down or not will allow us to advance in particular chapters rather than others.

Under these values ​​we find the Board record, space where we will mark the companions who will help us in our adventures: both the names that we will report here will be relevant, but also the total number of companions at our disposal.

They complete the Logbook Notches, Hours, Days (we don’t have all the time in the world!) ei Trophies, goals that we can reach in one of the following sectors: Explorer, Merchant and Pirate.

Finally we find a free section for the Notes and another to record the data of the Checkpoint. In fact, Gordon Pym – Across the abyss is divided into two narrative and game sections: at the end of the first part we can write down our travel data and in case we die very badly during the second part of the game book we can decide to start from checkpoint instead of the beginning of the book.

A rich and dense game book, with many facets

Gordon Pym – Across the Abyss is a game book indeed very rich: full of emotions when reading and full of possibilities and game modes.

Challenge yourself with the writing by Edgar Allan Poe is not at all simple and yet Lorenzo Trenti manages, without slavishly imitating the American writer, to recreate the sense of anxiety, distress and those sensations of awe, wonder and fear for unexplored places that can also be found in the original novel. So many quotes of the other works, poems and stories of Poe: very much appreciated!

But above all Gordon Pym is rich and dense from the point of view of game. I mean that this is a game book that will keep you busy for many hours, which it contains different challenges (from logical puzzles, to tactical choices, up to purely narrative crossroads, exploration, etc.) and which can be complex to complete satisfactorily only at a first reading. In fact, this game book features a series of different endings (I myself haven’t actually completed them all yet!).

In short, not only will it take some time to complete the first game, but it is easy to understand that there are many game endings and therefore, once finished, the temptation to pick it up again immediately afterwards will be much more than pressing!

Gordon Pym is a game book faceted and, in some ways, complex but not demeaning for novice players, also because the endings are many, the checkpoint is present and you will hardly find yourself reading chapters in which we understand a priori what is the best choice to make ( which therefore almost totally eliminates the “cheating” option).

Conclusions to our review

Gordon Pym – Across the abyss is a game book that cannot be missed in the library of literature enthusiasts horror. Poe’s themes and atmospheres are well recreated in Trenti’s volume and, in some chapters more than others, one can experience a feeling of anguish similar to that one feels when reading Poe’s works. Fans, like myself, will also notice a whole series of quotes related to the writings of the American author scattered throughout the text.

It is a challenging game book from the point of view of the game. If you are looking for a quiet volume, with simple puzzles and that ends in an afternoon, then this is not the book-game for you. Instead, if you want to try your hand at a volume that can test you, with different game modes and high replayability, then you must try Gordon Pym!

A last (but not least) note concerns the excellent edition of this game book, with attention to detail: from the inclusion of a Logbook additional “flying” (already printed) in addition to that of the book, so that it can immediately be used for the first game; at illustrations that here are often an integral part of the puzzles to be solved; in addition to the presence of some suggestions for the more complex crossroads at the end of the book; it’s a bibliography to better fathom Poe’s literary work.

In conclusion, Gordon Pym – Across the abyss is a game book recommended for those (newbies or experts) who want to try their hand at a multifaceted and dense volume, full of different game modes and that keeps you busy for many hours of play. Definitely recommended for horror lovers who will find the main themes touched upon in Poe’s works.

A quality game book that manages to capture the reader and lead one to drift towards the mysterious (and disturbing) adventures by sea of ​​the protagonist. Try it and let us know what you think!

Gordon Pym – Across the abyss: the review of the game book

Gordon Pym – Across the abyss

Gordon Pym – Across the abyss, written by Lorenzo Trenti, is the fifth game book in the Gambook series by Watson Edizioni. A game book that will take us to the unexplored waters of the ocean retracing the adventures of the protagonist of EA Poe’s most famous novel, Arthur Gordon Pym. This is a volume recommended for those who want to try their hand at a multifaceted and dense book-game, full of different game modes and which keeps you busy for many hours; as well as horror lovers who will find the main themes touched upon in Poe’s works. A book that cannot be missing in your library if you are passionate about game book: a book full of challenges and beautiful to read.


Librogame that embraces different game modes: from logical puzzles, to tactical choices, to purely narrative crossroads, exploration, and much more

Good rendering of the atmosphere and horror settings in perfect Poe style


Not suitable for those looking for a slim and quick game book to complete

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