New Pokémon Snap increases the hype with new trailer and final date

Everything seemed to indicate that Nintendo, for the 25th anniversary of its most successful franchise, would launch some important video game based on it. Finally it will be like this, confirming the definitive date of New Pokémon Snap.

Launch at the end of April

The long-awaited video game will see the light on Nintendo Switch next April 30 . This is a clear indication that the title is practically finished, in the absence of polishing some details of what promises to be a reinvention of the classic that came out for the Nintendo 64 in 1999.

Knowing what happens with its long-awaited games, Nintendo allows you to process reservations from this precise moment . Without knowing if there will be stock in the stores, it is recommended if you liked the first delivery and want to go back to your wanderings through the world of Pokémon, photographing the most extraordinary creatures that you meet throughout the adventure.

New Pokémon Snap aumenta el hype con nuevo tráiler y fecha definitiva - 1

A trailer that reveals many interesting details

The first What surprises when playing the trailer with which the final launch date has been revealed is a kind of spaceship that the protagonists use to move around the stage.

On the other hand, it highlights how well integrated are the various creatures in nature. They really look like animals, although they are Pokémon that can be immortalized by you.

The variety of them seems immense, as well as the locations, all of them located in the region known as Lensis . Specifically, the species will cover a total of more than two hundred, four times the amount raised by the original Nintendo 64.

In the trailer itself, the Professor reveals a map that it does not seem small , far from it. It remains to be seen how well the Switch is capable of moving such a colorful and detailed virtual environment.

After starting the playback, it is clear that are not scenes taken from the final gameplay . Even so, everything is seen with an exquisite fluidity and quality, including elements that are somewhat difficult to design such as the texture of water.

New Pokémon Snap aumenta el hype con nuevo tráiler y fecha definitiva - 2

One of the scenes that fans liked the most is the one in which an apple is thrown at Pichu and, immediately afterwards, he begins to smile with joy, being an ideal moment to take a good photo. A Torchic is also seen burning that same fruit, which shows how varied the situations experienced in the video game will be.

Right after In the aforementioned scene, two creatures appear fighting . Of course, the camera lens remains focused on the fight, in which one of the Pokémon, specifically Pinsir, is suffering a lot when receiving the attacks of his opponent.

The section visual promises to be surprising. This is exemplified by the final moments of the trailer in which a Meganium appears much larger than the protagonist, showing impressive lighting effects .

The designs, despite being completely new, respect the creatures that have practically no modifications. Thus, the nostalgic will see their favorite Pokémon as they remember them but with current graphics, while the neophytes of the franchise will photograph creatures of all generations, capturing their favorite moments .

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