Gran Turismo 7 will recover the essence of the first games of the series

When Gran Turismo Sport was released, many gamers were upset by the firm commitment to the multiplayer modalities . The conventional story mode had been forgotten, which was not to the liking of the most nostalgic community.

However, this did not prevent the title from being a success not only at the sales level . In the electronic sports sector , GT Sport accumulates large shares of the best virtual runners, also registering many viewers in their broadcasts.

Now that Gran Turismo 7 is getting closer and closer to seeing the light, Kazunori Yamauchi has come to the fore to indicate something that was highly anticipated by fans: the new installment will once again have the own essence of the first four.

The perfect combination between online and classic campaign mode

Specifically, the president of Polyphony Digital has dropped that they have spent years dedicating a lot of effort to the development of a good campaign , resuming the card system that those who enjoyed the first Gran Turismo video games liked so much. Indeed, we are referring to those who laid the foundations of a multi-million dollar saga.

According to the words mentioned by Yamauchi in his recent interview with Octane, nostalgia will invade the more traditional gamers for whom GT Sport was partly a disappointment. In fact, sales at first left a lot to be desired.

The truth is that over the years, especially as a result of the incorporation of a campaign that to some extent intended to fill the gap left by focusing on online, Gran Turismo Sport users have reached ten million .

Polyphony Digital is aware that returning to the original essence would mean losing a base of these new players who have been attracted by the 100% multiplayer approach. It is for this reason that several online modes will be added to the conventional campaign mode in the purest GT Sport style .

The objective is to satisfy the entire community . Those who yearn for a Gran Turismo as the first to hit the market will be in their sauce progressing in a campaign mode that promises to be unforgettable with a multitude of circuits and cars. For their part, online lovers will be able to compete face-to-face against other players from any corner of the world, regardless of whether they use a controller or steering wheel.

Release date

Everyone was looking forward to this Yamauchi interview not only because of the information he provided, but also because of another piece of information they believed it would reveal: the departure date of Gran Turismo 7 . Unfortunately he did not release a pledge, although he assures that before the end of the year 2021 the launch will take place.

In particular it will exclusively for PlayStation 5 . Going back to the last installments of the series, GT 6 and GT Sport came out in the fourth quarter. Thus, everything seems to indicate that this time we would also have to wait a few months to enjoy a highly anticipated seventh edition.

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