Skyrim: The board game now has a release date on Gamefound

There is exciting news for all fans of Skyrim, as Modiphius has updated its page Gamefound to give us more details about the exit date of his neighbor board game based on Elder Scrolls.

For months there have been rumors of the future arrival of this title on our tables, rumors made official by the designer’s periodic updates on the progress of the work. The release of Skyrim: the Adventure Game but it is always up to now shrouded in shadow.

Here is the release date on Gamefound of Skyrim: Adventure Game, the board game based on the famous videogame

The latest update, released in recent days, confirms that The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Adventure Game will be launched on Gamefound Tuesday 2 November and the basic version will cost 68 pounds. Other versions will be available including a deluxe version which will include several miniatures. The page also shows as a preview of the components to give us an idea of ​​the glance we will have on the table when we prepare it with map, cards and various tokens.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Adventure Game it will be an adventure board game that can be played in both cooperative and solitaire modes. Once our hero has been selected, we will have to travel in the world already known to fans of the video game, carry out narrative missions, fight enemies and enhance our character to face the dangers that we will gradually find along our path.

The last post, the one that unveiled the Skyrim board game release date, also revealed the latest changes made to card design, board layout, improved icon readability and much more, as well as showing the first prototypes of the thumbnails that will be included in the game and also shows a preview of the final gameplay . If you want to learn more you can find the latest complete update of the designers (in English) at this address.

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