GTA 6: the FBI is investigating the hacker responsible for the leak

That was to be expected. After the cyberattack suffered by Rockstar Games, and the massive leak of content relating to GTA 6, the FBI has decided to open an investigation to find the trace of a responsible hacker.

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Credits: Rockstar

As you probably know, Rockstar Games, the legendary studio behind GTA and Red Dead Redemption, was the victim of a cyberattack this Sunday, September 18, 2022. A hacker managed to break into the servers of the game. ‘company. Result, this hacker seized many gameplay extracts from the test versions of GTA 6, the long-awaited next episode of the saga, while he assured to be in possession of the source codes of GTA 5 and GTA 6.

This is quite simply one of the biggest leaks in video game history. 36 hours later, Rockstar came out of its silence to announce that this event would not have any consequences on the development of the game. In other words, the release will not be delayed, and the teams continue their work normally. In addition, no online service, such as GTA Online or Red Dead Online, will be disrupted by this attack.

Rockstar Hack: FBI Opens Federal Investigation

Without surprise, the FBI has decided to open a federal investigation to try to trace the main instigator(s) of this cyberattack. Let us specify all the same that the pirate in question boasted for participating in the attack on Uber last week.

It was also reported over the weekend that this same actor hacked video game studio Rockstar Games.” wrote Uber in a recently updated blog post. “We are working closely with the FBI and the Department of Justice on this matter, and we will continue to support their efforts.” assures the company.

This Tuesday, September 20, Uber provided more details on this case. After conducting its internal investigation, the Lapsus$ hacker group is responsible for the cyberattack launched against its network and that of Rockstar. This entity is not its first shot, since in March 2022, it distinguished itself by stealing 70 GB of confidential data from an application developed by Apple.

Source : Eurogamer

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