Guess how much Apple Park cost? This is how they priced this mega headquarters

The construction of Apple Park is one of the most imposing buildings in Cupertino and probably in the world. Not so much because of its height but because of its structure and what it hides inside. The technology company has a unique headquarters for its design elements and based on this, something that has never been cheap. Do you want to know the figures? Pay attention because it is really surprising.

The third most expensive building in the world

The Abraj Al-Bait It is a complex of buildings whose main skyscraper is the third tallest in the world. Located in Mecca, its construction cost the Saudi government a whopping $ 15 billion, making it the most expensive in the world. Following this we find the Marina bay sands from Singapore, another skyscraper costing nearly $ 7 billion is staggering. Although the surprising thing is that in the third place does not appear another luxurious skyscraper of Dubai or Doha … The third is neither more nor less than the one that is Apple headquarters since 2019.

The three most expensive buildings in the world

Apple invested a total of 5 billion dollars that, although it is true that it seems very inferior to the Saudi building, it is still a chilling figure. Was a Steve Jobs caprice with which he became obsessed since the purchase of the land in 2006. Interestingly, those lands belonged to a company for which the legendary Apple co-founder worked as a young man, Hewlett-Packard.

Jobs achieved city council approval in 2011, a few months before his death, without being able to see its construction or its inauguration in 2017. Today this complex of 464 square meters houses different rooms. From offices, laboratories and offices to an exclusive store for visitors. And, of course, the Steve Jobs Theater that the company used for its presentations before the COVID-19 pandemic and that is expected to receive an audience again in 2022.

Apple Park April

It should be noted that at the tax level, the company computes $ 40 million a year by this headquarters. That only counting taxes, since at the maintenance level figures have not transpired. However, taking into account the magnitude of the complex and that they even have a forest and a lake inside, we imagine that the figures for maintaining it must also be staggering.

In 2019 it was appraised at a value lower than its cost

Interestingly, even though Apple’s investment amounted to $ 5 billion, a couple of years ago a Santa Clara County assessor valued it at around $ 4.17 million. A news that was echoed at the time by 9to5Mac and that despite not being much lower than the cost of construction, it seems at least strange.

Taking into account the value of the land and the investment made in materials, we are surprised to think that this headquarters could be acquired for such a low amount. Be that as it may, we do not believe that Apple has even a remote thought of getting rid of what it already is an iconic building and the first hallmark of the company at the design level.

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