Gurman says that at the moment it is not possible to implement Face ID on future MacBooks

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Mark Gurmann He is known in the Apple world for having good contacts within Apple Park and is almost always right with his rumors about future news from the Cupertino company. But the last one that he has just released is somewhat “incomprehensible”.

As you just wrote on your blog, the first Macs to incorporate FaceID they will be iMacs, since this technology cannot yet be implemented in MacBooks, due to the thinness of their screen. Incomprehensible, if we take into account that this technology has been available for years in our iPhones, whose thickness is no greater than the screen of a MacBook… Weird, weird…

As Mark Gurman has published on his Bloomberg blog, unlocking a Mac with Face ID will only be available in the next iMac, for now. It seems that this technology cannot yet be applied to MacBooks due to physical space problems.

He explains that due to the little thickness of the screens of the macbook, the sensors necessary for the operation of the Face ID system cannot be implemented. Strange, since facial recognition unlocking has been implemented on iPhones since the launch of the iPhone X way back in 2017.

So Gurman believes that in the face of this difficulty, if Face ID appears on Macs, which he doubts, it will initially be on the next iMac models that Apple plans to launch. One of those models would be the new iMacProwith a generous 28 or 32-inch screen, according to the latest rumors.

Finally, he also points out that said iMac could be presented at a new Apple event that (according to him) will be held on Tuesday March 8. He believes that at this event Tim Cook and his team will present the new iPhone SE and iPad Air models, with A15 processors and 5G support. We’ll see if he’s right.

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